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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Brad Parsons & Mimi Naja w/ Upstate 3.17.19 (Photos)

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Warren Hayne's Dreams & Songs: A Symphonic Experience 3.16.19 (Photos)

Thomas Wolfe Memorial Auditorium
Asheville, NC

Photos by J. Scott Shrader Photography

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cypress Hill, Hollywood Undead & Xzibit 3.16.19 (Photos)

Monday, March 18, 2019

Keller Williams Pettygrass & The Hillbenders 3.16.19 (Photos)

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Little Feat 3.13.19 (Photos)

Friday, March 15, 2019

Within Temptation, In Flames, Smash Into Pieces 3.11.19 (Photos)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Andy Frasco & The U.N. and Wild Adriatic 3.7.19

Otus Supply
Ferndale, MI

Words, Photos & Video by Jon Rosenberger (PhotoFooFoo)

The first time I saw Andy Frasco and the U.N. was at Electric Forest in 2014. I was on my way from one stage to another taking pictures of various bands for a publication and I was in a hurry. AF+UN were not on my schedule to shoot for the day. AF+UN were not even close to being on my radar at all. I had zero clue whom they were and yet I never made it to whomever I was supposed to go snap pictures of. After 15 seconds of seeing the party unfold there at the Observatory stage in the middle of the forest I was 100% down with that party right there! I have been fortunate enough to have caught them live a few times since and have never ever been disappointed. It’s always a ruckus and in a world of jam bands and bluegrass concertos, sometimes I just love a good ruckus. Something to blow the dust out of the back of your eyeballs and make you go… Uh, what happened? So, it was with some degree of shock that I saw that my favorite local promoter Grand Circus Media had booked Andy and the musical mayhem brothers into the venerable (all cocktails served in real glass) Otus Supply for a weeknight rumble, and I silently gave a visual inspection to the foundations to see if I thought they would sustain the impending fun.

Andy who is the lyricist, lead singer and keyboardist started the band back in LA in 2007 and for the most part has had a consistent cast of melodious cohorts; Mr. Ernie Chang on saxophone who plays like an entire horn section just by himself, Andee Avila back on the drums driving the party train, Chris Lorentz on bass and Shawn Eckels playing the fretboards on electric guitar. Andy and the band just released a new LP a few weeks ago. Change of Pace is the bands third studio effort and features a matured songwriting and perhaps new life outlook from Andy. The songs while still retaining upbeat grooves and R&B swing tackle lyrically more introspective thoughts around; finding love, stopping to smell the roses, personal responsibility and even perseverance on the Rayland Baxter-esque "Somedays." The LP is definitely a “change of pace” from the frantic party at 78 rpm style of their previous works.

Wild Adriatic got things started for the night. They are along as the support act for this entire tour which has already visited Minneapolis, Omaha, St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville and was in Madison, Wisconsin last night before driving the 7 hours here to the Detroit area to play for us. Tour life isn’t for wimps! Wild Adriatic is a four piece band from Saratoga Springs, NY. Wild Adriatic just released and EP with Daniel Rodriguez of Elephant Revival shockingly titled Adriatic\Rodriguez. They are the perfect selection to get the craziness off the line. Travis Gray (guitar) shreds hard almost like a metal head. Mateo Vosganian (drums) lays down a solid time in sync with Frasco’s illegitimate step child Rich Derbyshire on bass. Scott Hanay slides behind the keyboard up front and the band powers through a few before inviting Ernie Chang up for a tune and then Shawn Eckels for the next. Shawn and Travis have a great lil' guit on guit battle and amp up the crowd! The rest of the guys brought their own groovy hard rock funk in for the kill and left the crowd yelling for an encore as they vacated the stage. WA is super fun, they have killer classic rock tunes and a wonderful sense of humor – recommended!

Both bands shared keyboards and drums so there isn’t much changeover before Andy takes the stage with the band and they launch right into the new LP's title track "Pace of Change," no no no its "Change of Pace" but not at the speed they are playing it! Life introspections and deep meaningful lyrics aside the UN are here to party and they leave no doubts as Andy passes around the Jameson. ‘Tween tunes Andy announces to shouts of approval that this is his first visit to Detroit, and he is loving it so far. The UN launch into an amazing cover of Johnny Taylor’s "Who’s Making Love." Ernie really works the sax big time covering all the horn parts from the original ’68 Stax classic just like he were breathing. The crowd pretty much just goes into overdrive right here and it's only the third song. So to top that on the next tune Andy calls "ROTATE" and everyone switches instruments for the entire song. I think every guy onstage played every instrument in the span of about 4 minutes! Seeing Andy on drums and then bass was a hoot, and drummer Andee Avila really can shred on guitar!

The Wild Adriatic en masse join them onstage for the next song and things just go from nuts to insane. The bands look around at one another with everyone noodling some fun song before Travis locks into a riff and everyone's eyes light up. "Can You feel it? It’s ‘the Power of Love!’" The crowd goes complete apeshit as they recognize the old Huey Lewis song that’s so bad it's actually good, especially with everyone locked in tight and the crowd yelling back the chorus to Travis. Andy stalks the stage like a buzz enforcer making sure all the wild get a taste of Ireland's famous from his jamebo bottle. The Wild disembarks the stage but only to the wings as Andy plays the only song of the night that wouldn’t break a metronome and the ladies at the front all tilt their heads just so and gaze up at him adoringly. He joins them in the crowd for the next song remarking “Let’s do this shit Detroit,” but the love songs are over as Ernie steps into the crowd followed by Shawn. Ernie starts honking “Who lets the Dogs Out" for a few bars before Andy calls for Bon Jovi’s "Living On A Prayer" and all the ladies are tilting their heads at him again, but I don’t think the thoughts are adoration anymore.. there goes Andy’s shirt as he quips “I quit doing coke and I got fat…that shit is real” and introduces Ernie as the Asian Tom Cruise before announcing that he wants to play one of the most romantic songs he has ever written. The band launches hard and fast and probably the most seriously I have seen them focus on anything all night straight into Andy’s huge chart bottoming #367 with a bullet hit "Blame It On Da Pussy" as they climb back onstage.

Andy starts taking vape pens from people in the crowd and coughing for comedic effect when he finds out that it isn’t Michigan’s new recreational herb. He gets handed a written request and launches right into that old party favorite "This Land is Your Land" for a few bars before learning that there is a birthday in the house. He invites Jamie (male) up onstage and proceeds to personally give him a lap dance for his birthday while the band plays Whams’ "Careless Whisper" and the entire room hoots and hollers. Pretty much from here on in it's mayhem, band members from both bands are switching on and offstage, a fake birthday "Hava Nagila" session for Andy’s fro headed ‘son’ Rich complete with carried chair and rings of dancers and crowd surfing to the bar for shots, all while music continues but its now a free for all of bachnalia…"Smokn Dope and Rock and Roll" brings the set to a perfunctory close as Andy announces ‘its cold out there just consider this us walking off and coming back’…and then both bands just wail away at the single best cover of Sabbath’s "War Pigs" I have ever heard as I thankfully slide the camera to video and sidle to a better spot to record the next 8 minutes of party. It's amazing, it's perfection and then it slides straight away into a crowd sing along of "Hey Jude" and then like a half a verse of "We’re an American Band" in homage to Flint Michigan’s Grand Funk and it's done, it’s over, the foundation is still standing. I don’t think any glasses were broken, no one was damaged in the making of this night, but hearts were won, smiles were made, burdens were lifted and Andy Frasco, super hero musician of the common man walks off into the night, headed for your town and your party and more than willing to put a smile on your face too. I’d let him!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mike Gordon 3.9.19 (Photos)

Monday, March 11, 2019

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Graveyard & Twin Temple 3.8.19 (Photos)

Friday, March 8, 2019

Grateful Ball feat. The Travelin’ McCourys & Jeff Austin Band 3.3.19

Otus Supply
Ferndale, MI

Words & Photos by Jon Rosenberger (PhotoFooFoo)

The Grateful Ball, the occasional theme of bluegrass stalwarts The Travelin’ McCourys rolled into Detroit last Sunday for the first time. The Ball which previously was more likely to show up at the McCourys festival events is on a tour of sorts this spring hitting a long list of smaller venues throughout the Midwest before the McCourys head into summer and perform it at both ROMP and the inaugural Smoky Run Festival this June. Jeff Austin who has been collaborating with the McCourys on the Grateful Ball since 2016 joined them again for this run and brought the JAB along with him. Each band performed a set of their own music before gathering everyone onstage together for a third set celebrating the music of the Grateful Dead.

Otus Supply Co. just north of Detroit has become a magnet in the string music world for musicians tired from the dingy cramped dressing rooms and cold pizzas of a musician’s tour life. Hosts Thom Bloom and Scott Myrick along with local promoter Joe Choma have given Otus a deserved reputation for treating all artists as guests, and filling their bellies with the best their restaurant can offer while also providing an amazing room with incredible sound in which to perform. This tends to bring in some names to play their club sized venue that would typically be playing larger rooms elsewhere in the country. Such is the case of the Jeff Austin Band who passed through Otus for the first time last June and happily introduced the McCoury clan to the food and fun on this go round.

The McCourys, fresh off their win for Best Bluegrass Album at the Grammy’s a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, got things started with mandolinist Ronnie McCoury singing a few grass numbers before Alan Bartram (bass) took over the microphone for "The Shaker" which just happens to be my favorite song from their eponymous debut record. Hearing Alan’s rich voice filling the room got all of the crowds attention and really got the night up and running. The McCourys did a dozen or so songs with several extended jams between Rob McCoury (banjo) and “the new guy” guitarist Cody Kilby throughout the evening. Jason Carter sang "The Hardest Heart" from the new lp as well as several others and the emotion he brings to his singing is just as strong as what he brings to his fiddle bowing. Clearly the years spent backing up Del out on the road have made the Travelin’ McCourys a concert powerhouse in their own right and it’s great to see them finally break to a bigger audience and become overnight sensations after nearly a decade playing under their own band name.

After a brief respite for refilling of glasses the Jeff Austin Band took the stage. One of the wonderful things about the Grateful Ball shows is there is no changeover of equipment onstage so set breaks are brief. Jeff has a new guitarist with him on this tour; ‘America’s Got Talent’ alum - Julian Davis. No relation to JAB bass player Jean-Luc Davis. Julian sat in for a few shows last year and while I initially thought he had been brought on board to bookend the band with fellow cowboy boots enthusiast -banjo magician Kyle ‘Bobcat’ Tuttle on stage right, in fact he is a welcomed addition to the band, adding some highly acrobatic fretboard work over on stage left. It will be amazing to see this band grow with another young player for Jeff to duel with every night and props to Jeff for continually refining his band and seeking out players who challenge him and his playing. JAB quickly rips through several Jeff tunes before changing things up and celebrating Doc Watsons 96th Birthday by launching into "Red Haired Boy," Jeff and the band really rip through the ol fiddle instrumental and Bobcat starts dropping banjo rolls like a New York city sushi chef on a Saturday night alternated with Jeff’s mando chop chop chop and Jean Luc’s booming bottom end. It’s a clear highlight to hear them work through a track that they don’t play regularly, and the crowd give them a loud cheer when they finish. A few more songs including a spirited run through of the traditional "Jesse James" featuring some great fretwork from Julian and some bluegrass rapping Jeff Austin style and JAB sprints offstage to clear the way for the main event.

Now the thing about the Parliament Room at Otus Supply that you need to understand is that; its not a big room, and when the room isn’t that big, the stage just can’t be that big. In fact, it’s only 12’ x 18’. So, when all 9 of the guys from these two bands walked up the short set of stairs for the third set it looked as crowded as it was down in front of them and the stage is nearly as bouncy as the dance floor below. Neck after neck after neck all lined up with Jason Carter’s fiddle bringing up the rear and carving a little extra space for himself on the end so he doesn’t poke anyone’s eye out up there. And away they go, launching straight into "Cumberland Blues" with Ronnie singing the lyrics. The band swings through "Friend of the Devil" and then Alan Bartram lends his rich baritone to "Mama Tried" before Jeff practically screams FIRE! "Fire on the Mountain" really gets the crowd going as they sing along with the rocker and the nine guys play like they always have two of everything onstage as each take turns weaving in and out of each other’s lines. Ronnie brings things back earthward with "Brown Eyed Woman" and then the band quickly launches into "West LA Fadeaway" with Jason Carter looking for an LA girl with all that he has, the band right with him playing like the Dead never did and sounding like they always felt. Jeff sings "Women are Smarter" with an unusual peppiness, stifled a bit because he doesn’t have room for his usual Jeff-iness of head throws and leg kicks and arm windmills.

The the band just gets plain jamtastic with a "Loser>Other One>Loser" jam. The crowd is still all here after midnight on a school night as the band pops offstage for just a moment to give the nod to the encore gods and then comes back onstage roaring. They give a brief birthday shout out to sound guy extraordinaire Key Chang and flip it from stun to kill for the finale. Rob gets thoroughly banjtastic for the opener on "Franklins Tower" which gets a visible fist pump from Kyle Tuttle who then goes fret to fret with Jason Carter and seems to enjoy having a fiddle player to duel with, Ronnie is raining mando notes down like a waterfall while Jeff just looks all over the stage gloriously enraptured being in the center of such amazing music and directing traffic nodding to one guy after another to take a few lines and add to the melee and then it all comes to a crashing halt. A quick group bow and the ball is over and Cinderella is off to catch her pumpkin. It’s been a hellava night. Do catch the Grateful Ball if it passes anywhere near ya this spring and enjoy the punch!

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Meek Mill & Lil Durk 3.5.19 (Photos)