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ALBUM REVIEW: Andy Hall & Roosevelt Collier's Let The Steel Play

Words by Kevin Hahn (Split Open & Shoot)

When a master of his/her specific craft reaches what some people may call “The Peak” or “The Top of the Mountain,” realistically what do they do next? Do they keep their usual routine intact, possibly leaving new opportunities on the shelf due to obligations, contracts, or in some cases the fear of something new? What if the ever-evolving world we live in didn’t accept an accomplished master’s new art, music, or desire to explore the unknown? Thankfully, two of these very “masters” I speak of have decided to come together after a few years of a budding friendship to release a truly fantastic duo album.

The first time I was fortunate enough to witness this duo of Andy Hall (Infamous Stringdusters) and Roosevelt Collier (The Lee Boys, Bokante) was a beautiful day on the banks of Rancho del Rio for YarmonyGrass festival. Slated as an exploration into the sounds of “Slide/Steel” this short, but insanely worthwhile festival set allowed both And…

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