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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Flaming Lips 3.9.18 (Photos)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Del & Dawg 3.2.18 (Photos)

Capitol Center For The Arts
Concord, NH

Photos by Drew Hines (Hinesight Imagery)

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Wintergrass 2.21 - 2.24.18 (Photos)

Hyatt Regency
Bellevue, WA

Photos by Chris Davis

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Leftover Salmon, Anders Osborne & New Orleans Suspects 3.10.18 (Day Two)

The Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, CO

Words by Kristin Zachman (Direct Attention)
Photos by Blake Barit (Direct Attention)

Attendees at Leftover Salmon’s bash at the Stanley Hotel woke up to sunny snow showers on the second day of the run. The first event was a relay race. For those who were brave enough, a course was laid out in front of the main hotel. The race was tight, but reigning champs the “Stanley Steamers” blew their competition out of the water for the third consecutive year. Once the champions had been named, guests at the Stanley anxiously waited for the day’s Mystery Matinee set. The static electricity throughout the grounds had people energized, and one could feel the anticipation around the special guest, Anders Osborne, the prolific folk blues guitarist from New Orleans. He started off the show by himself with his guitar and was later joined by Leftover Salmon. Osborne’s style brought a distinct flavor to the set, bringing out the blues in Salmon’s bluegrass. After a moment to catch our breath, patrons were invited into an intimate conversation featuring Vince Herman, Scramble Campbell and Joshua Timmermans recounting their relationship with the late Col Bruce Hampton. The talk took place in the Stanley’s Pinion Room, and walked through personal anecdotes, inspirations and memories of their friend.

Following the panel’s discussion, everyone donned their most elegant Mardi Gras Masquerade attire. Guests were happy to indulge the night’s theme and go all out with their costumes again. Photographer Joshua Timmermans set himself up in the lobby and took portraits of formally dressed concert-goers before they embarked back to the Concert Hall for two more sets of fine Colorado bluegrass. The night started on a slightly slower tempo than Friday, but continued to build in energy as special guests DJ Logic and Eddie Roberts helped round out the first set, and New Orleans Suspects joined in during the second. Once the band brought their night to a close, Salmon Heads were invited into the Billiards Room lounge again, this time featuring the best of George Carlin on the big screen. For the night owls, The New Orleans Suspects re-emerged in the McGregor Ballroom to top the night off. There was an air of satisfaction in the air as people retired to their rooms in anticipation of Sunday’s early start.

Blake's Photo Gallery


Wonderlic, Ponder The Albatross & Freakeasy 3.5.18 (Photos)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Leftover Salmon, Gasoline Lollipops, Eddie Roberts & DJ Logic 3.9.18 (Day One)

The Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, CO

Words by Kristin Zachman (Direct Attention)
Photos by Blake Barit (Direct Attention)

It’s no secret that Leftover Salmon knows how to throw a party and they kicked off this weekend’s festivities at the Stanley Hotel in style. This marks Salmon’s fourth year doing this run at the Stanley Hotel, the infamously historic location that inspired Stephen King to pen The Shining. As if the breathtaking backdrop of Estes Park were not impressive enough, Salmon invited all of us to start the weekend off right with a cocktail hour in the McGregor Ballroom. Featured was the Stanley’s most excellent finger foods, complimentary beer from Breckenridge Brewing, and quality entertainment from a fellow Boulder-based band, the Gasoline Lollipops. On top of all that, Salmon employed two stellar face painters, conjuring ghoulish makeups in line with the Horror Night theme. The gathering became a sea of ghosts, werewolves, Freddie Kreugers, creepy clowns, and Wednesday Adams as concert-goers embraced the request to embody their favorite horror characters.

Around nine thirty, the band emerged in costumed garb and dropped into a rowdy, foot-stomping party. The crowd was jumping for joy so intently that the ceiling in the basement of the Concert Hall seemed ready to explode, sending a frenzy of party people tumbling through the floor. After two sets of pure delight and an ode to the late, great Colonel Bruce Hampton, the fun was far from over. Once the show wrapped up, patrons were invited back into the main hotel to lounge on loveseats in the Billiard Room, and watch the Grateful Dead “Views from the Vault.” Eddie Roberts, Dj Logic and friends kept the party rolling in the McGregor ballroom until the wee hours of the morning with funky instrumentals and improvisation. As Eddie said, “If we’re going to have fun, it’s up to you!” And with that, the crowd danced to their heart's contentment before winding down and resting up for the next two days. Sure, there may have been a few ragers unhappy with the three a.m. close to the night, but lucky for them, Leftover Salmon has plenty more happiness in store.

Blake's Photo Gallery


Set One: Hoodoo Bash, Mama Boulet, 99 Years, Voodoo Queen Marie, Out In The Woods, Demon In Disguise, Aquatic Hitchhiker (Sockeye) > Devil In Disguise > Aquatic Hitchhiker, Hey Joe

Set Two: Astral Traveler, Better, Reubens’s Train, Zombie Jamboree, Light Behind The Rain, Don’t Owe You A Thing, Get Me Out Of This City, Casino Nation. Who Stole My Monkey, You Don’t Know How It Feels

Encore: Lawyer’s Guns and Money, Let In A Little Light, Wake n Bake

Carlos Santana 3.3.18 (Photos)

Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Portland, OR

Photos by Jason Charme Photography

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Kyle Hollingsworth & Friends w/ Hot Buttered Rum 3.3.18 (Photos)

MusicMarauders Spotify Playlist - Volume 43 (3.9.18)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Wailin' Jennys 3.3.18 (Photos)

Capitol Theater
Olympia, WA

Photos by Eric Willacker (Willacker Photography)

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Dr. Lonnie Smith 3.3.18 (Photos)