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Hangtown Music Festival 10.26 - 10.19.17

El Dorado County Fairgrounds
Placerville, CA

Words by Mitch Melheim
Photos by Will Howard

Hangtown is a unique music festival, to say the least. It begins with the odd location, both spooky (Placerville was dubbed “Hangtown” due to its frequent hangings during the gold rush) and convenient (Ever walk to Denny’s after a late night set?) After that, and perhaps more importantly, come the odd people. Delightfully bizarre and interactive, the crowd exhibits a frightening playfulness that could only be found around Halloween.

While one group of folks runs around demanding that you participate in their impromptu game of Twister, another plays “party police” and does their best to stop your fun. This was just one night, of course, and it ended in both groups participating in a pizza party where folks danced to a portable boombox in front of the pizza cart and cheered on those who made and purchased the pizzas. The final crucial ingredient in this wonderfully weird weekend is a host band as …

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