Monday, March 1, 2010

A Review: Lotus, Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY 2.26.10

Going into that evening, the feedback from my friends on the previous night weighed on my mind. They concluded that it was an off night and although, I knew it was all opinion based and situational... I respect my friends musical opinions to the fullest.

After a short pre-party with some good friends; we headed over to Waterstreet Music Hall, one of my favorite local venues, to the Upstate, Ny area. Upon arriving at the venue fear set in that it may sell out, based on the extensive line down the block. I was guestlisted, so I was goo to go, however the two I was witth were not. Or were they? After entering the venue, it was evident that Lotus was a decent way into their first set and the place was packed. Not being much of a crowd guy, I grabbed my party and headed for the upper level VIP. It turnout out that it was almost empty and provided a great view and excellent sound.

Lotus, from the get go was on fire. The packed crowd was extremely into it and the energy was through the roof. I thought that technically speaking; the band was very tight and their new drummer seemed to be sliding into place... More so than the last time I saw Lotus in October. His consistancy and the overall peaks of the music really impressed me and had me dancing with joy. The lights were really well done, per usual. For me one of the most visually pleasing and unique pieces of lighting equiptment that Lotus has to offer are their vertical backpanels. They shuffle through colors with a wide array of bright and appealing options. One of the highlights of the night was the "Flower Sermon" first set closer. I really enjoy that song and the possibilities in which it opens up for extensive jamming. Well played and well placed within' the set.

The second set opened with a "Bubonic Tonic>Tarasque; two songs that offer really airy jams. However on this occasion, these two songs seemed more complete back to back. One of the main differences from the first to the second set were a few dubstep jams, which I find to be anticlimactic and aimless in terms of directional jamming. It's unfortunate to see so many bands on the scene encorporating dubstep into their material. Towards the end of the second set they dropped a "Jump Off" that had the crowd losing control. The second set was strong and had me feeling the "Lotus Vibes" more than any other Lotus show I had seen since Rothbury.

Overall I would give the show an 8 out of 10.


Invincibility of Youth
Dane Jeer Us
It's All Clear to me Now ->
Flower Sermon
Bubonic Tonic ->
Jump Off ->
Contagion ->
Jump Off
Disappear in a Blood-Red Sky


  1. Wow. I'm glad you had a better experience than us! Gives me hope.


  2. Yeah, I had a ragin' good time.


  3. Dead on with the flower sermon review, they killed it with that song!