Henhouse Prowlers: Colorado Phase 1

We're about two hours out of Chicago at 6pm. The van is rumbling along and the Cubs just lost their first game of the season (surprise, surprise). Our final show on this stint was last night in Boulder at Mountain Sun and it kicked ass. Any band will tell you that the last show of a tour is the toughest one and also the show that you truly hope goes well. We finished up around 2AM, said bye to our friends and left town. So, we've been driving since 2am and it's now 6pm.

We're actually in a good mood despite the drive-ocalypse. All the shows were successful in their own right and we met a ton of new people that want to help us grow in the mountains.

Some Highlights:

1. Driving from Winter Park (Ski Resort) through a hellish snow storm to get to our radio interview on KGNU in Boulder at 10AM. We got out of the van in the parking lot and found that it was almost 70 degrees out. The radio show (Old Grass, GNU Grass) was a blast and we were told that we got to play longer than most bands do AND they credited us for a donation that was pledged during our performance. Sweet!

You can listen to the show here:


2. Quixotes in Denver. The club reeked of an epic old-school venue. We played outside in their beer garden and the weather was perfect.

3. Realizing that the Vail pass was closed (due to a 30 car pileup) and trying to drive the long way (on 24) to get to Avon for our gig. We watched a snow plow run off the road and a 30 minute drive turned into a 3 hour wait. Thank god we got new tires a few months ago.

4. The Front Range BBQ in Colorado Springs. Amazing food, great crowd, fun, fun, fun. We'll definitely be back there.

5. Mountain Sun. We got to catch up with our old intern (Nathan) and see some friends that had moved out from Chicago. Our buddy Jen Kent put out the word big time and everyone was happily surprised that there was a raucous crowd on Easter Sunday.

6. Medical Marijuana. It's really great to see a state that's embracing a more reasonable take on narcotics. Maybe Illinois will take note?

So, that's a brief overview of the first of four trips to Colorado this summer. Next up is the Telluride band competition (and a whole bunch of shows/festivals surrounding it). Plus, we've got our 6th Anniversary at the Old Town School of Folk Music on July 17th. We're so appreciative of all the new friends we made (and old friends that helped out). We felt accepted with open arms...and then some.

-Ben Wright (Banjo)
Henhouse Prowlers


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