Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Bluegrass: Del McCoury Band

Words & Pick By J-man

For our first installment of "Bluegrass Sunday", I thought it best to start with one of the most talented and traditional bands on the scene; The Del McCoury Band. This studio session from 2001 provides ample proof as to why the Del McCoury Band is one of, if not the top band on the scene. Additionally the sound quality, song selection and interviews add a very unique flavor to this recording. Enjoy!

Del McCoury Band Live at WFPK Studios on October 5, 2001. <--- Direct Archive Link

01 intro
02 A Far Cry
03 Learnin' The Blues
04 Goldbrickin'
05 Count Me Out
06 Traveling Teardrop Blues
07 The Bluegrass Country
08 Back Up and Push
09 interview
10 Baltimore Johnny
11 All Aboard
12 Nashville Cats
13 Get Down On Your Knees And Pray
14 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
15 Gone But Not Forgotten
16 outro


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