Weekly Jazz: Electric Miles Project

Words By Zach Zeidner

This show is by far my favorite recording on archive.org I have come across. The Electric Miles Davis Project is a side project by MJ Project that incorporates some great contemporaries today coming together to play the music of master composer Miles Davis. The show is full of post-Bitches Brew compositions that will enthrall as well as educate on the genius of Miles Davis. The band, through their jamming and lavish improvisation, explores the possibilities of Miles Davis’ music. With the compositional style Miles was shooting for in his post-Bitches Brew years, the band uses this exceptional style to intricately investigate the concepts Miles was experimenting with at the time. The band’s use of space and cyclical grooves to redefine the funk style Miles was shooting for in his work, truly makes this show a unique dissection of Miles’s compositions. The band elaborates shorter tunes in 20 minute jams that explore the open-ended spacial compositions that made Miles’ work post-Bitches Brew so incredibly innovative. Enjoy this gem as much as I do, you will not be disappointed.

MJ Project Live at Ortlieb's Jazz Haus on November 7, 2008. <--- Direct Archive Link


  1. This is fucking great.
    Thanks for adding a weekly jazz section. Always looking for more contemporary jazz to listen to.


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