Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Preview: Math Games in Chicago

Words By Dominick Lafata

Math Games
November 20th, 2010
The Mayne Stage, Chicago
$15 All Ages

Math Games is a trio featuring members from The Flat Earth Ensemble. The band members include: Fareed Haque (guitar), Greg Fundis (Drums), and Alex Austin (Bass). It is Fareed’s latest project and they bring to the table a variety of different styles and sounds. They are a mix of melody, free jazz, electronica, trance, and groove. With this diverse mix of sound they can truly take their music to places no man has trekked.

Fareed uses a Moog guitar which has amazing potential to reproduce unique and inspiring sounds that can not be created from using a standard guitar. Greg Fundis uses acoustic and electronic drums to give him a well rounded sound that fits perfectly into the mix. Alex Austin uses a regular bass and an upright bass in order to give him both the jazzy sound as well as the rock and roll sound. Together they coalesce as a powerful trio that explores the possibilities of live-music creation.

This show will be a multi-sensory experience as the band integrates audio and visual samples to convey a more in-depth and entertaining experience.

Purchase tickets here: www.maynestage.com


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