Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday Jazz: 4 of Us

Today's Jazz pick features a "super-group" of artists that crossover from the jazz scene to the jamband scene. On drums, and driving the project is Galactic drummer Stanton Moore. His playing with Galactic is solid and prominent, however I much prefer Stanton's jazz projects. This group of players provide a much more challenging environment, and encourages Stanton to step up his game. On Keys, Robert Walter. Robert has become one of my favorite organ players on the scene. His heavy and technical playing are a great addition to this project. Will Bernard features some great jazz guitar playing on this project. His loose yet calculated playing push the groove to a higher level and break it down when necessary. Lastly, bass player Rob Mercurio. Rob plays with Galactic and can hold his own, though I feel his playing could be easily replicated or covered.

This recording captures a really special evening and a special project. When this group of friends/peers get together, destruction is inevitable...

Stanton Moore Live at Fox Theater (4ofUs) on December 2, 2005. <--- Direct Archive Link

4 of Us is:

Stanton Moore (drums)
Robert Walter (keys)
Will Bernard (guitar)
Robert Mercurio (bass)


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