Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday Dead: 10.14.80

Words By Andy Zimmer

Happy New Year and welcome back for another year of hand-selected Dead picks. Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable, and safe, evening. This pick goes out to every body who is laid-up at home, suffering the after affects of a night of too much fun... If it’s possible to have too much fun.

I know that when I’m not feeling at the top of my game acoustic tunes always seem to help elevate my attitude. This show, from the Dead’s Warfield Theater run in 1980, is a great tonic for what ails you. Combined with the Radio City shows from the same year, these performances ended up being put together as the Dead Set and Reckoning albums. While the rest of the show is very solid, especially for 1980, the first set acoustic numbers are what really get me going. So if your brain needs a break, plug it into the mellowed-out vibe created by Jerry and the Boys.

Grateful Dead Live at Warfield Theater on October 14, 1980. <--- Direct Archive Link


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