Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zach Deputy 1.22.11

Words By Chris Cundari

Bringin' the soul to the 706!
The Bad Manor in Athens, GA

The night was young and a cool breeze flew freely throughout the streets of downtown Athens. There was an elevated sense of solace in the air as Zach Deputy approached the stage @ The Bad Manor. I spoke with him briefly before the show, about different gear questions and his upcoming dates on the road. Zach was very kind and appreciative of the coverage of the show, and couldn't wait to get down!

His set started around 10:45, with his unique and eccentric set up gracing the stage. The crowd was very strange to say the least. About 30 people crowded the stage as Zach's set began. As the night progressed, about 150-200 people ended up getting down to the sweet sounds of Zach's overdubs. Always a high energy show, Zach layed down funky 70's-esque bass lines, beautiful guitar melodies, and his calypso-island infused drum beats to soothe the ears of the listeners. From start to finish, the show was immaculate.

Zach displayed great musicianship throughout the whole show, with that good hearted southern drawl he carries. The setlist was very danceable throughout, and he threw in some pretty crazy teases absorbed into his set. Being a looper myself, its always a pleasure learning from someone so accomplished and great with what they do on stage, so I was very appreciative and supportive of his set.

Zach Deputy Live at The Bad Manor on January 22, 2011. <--- Direct Archive Link


Put It In The Boogie
Sweet Rene
Out Of Change
Be Yourself
Butter You Up
Crosstown Lover
Don't Treat Me This Way
Into The Morning
First Tubesteak


Twisty Twisty

Highlights of the show for me were Sweet Rene, Sanctuary, Butter You Up, and Twisty Twisty.

Phenomenal show to say the least, and I can't wait to catch Zach again soon!

Chris' Photo Gallery From The Show


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