Friday Funk: Funky Five

Bands I’d Love to See at the All Good Music Festival

Words By Andy Devilbiss

The All Good Music Festival will announce its preliminary line-up and open ticket sales on February 22. This festival holds a special place in my heart, as it’s put on by the great Baltimore/DC-area company Walther Productions. I was at the first, and I’ve been at most since. Lately though, the line-ups of the past few years have not exactly inspired me to track my funky booty up to the Mountaintop, especially when I’m guaranteed several days of back pain from hauling camping gear. Sticking strictly to American bands, here’s five funk acts I’d love to see on the bill that would encourage me to make the trip to West Virginny.

1. Orgone

You know I love me some Orgone. Give em a late-night set. They proved they could rock one at moe.down last fall.

Orgone 9.4.10 - moe.down XI

2. Lubriphonic

“The Gig Is On” is getting a lot of play round Casa DeVilbiss, AKA the Funk Shack, but I’ve never seen these guys. Jazzy, bluesy, and dead funky. Giles Corey can SHRED.

3. The Twin Cats

The funky pride of Indianapolis, Indiana. I hear shades of Galactic and the dear, departed Ulu, but the band they most remind me of is an outfit from Texas named Gnappy that put out a few albums between 2000-2006. I highly recommend the Twin Cats debut album “Thick,” and, as you can see from the video above, their chops are just as good in a live setting.

4. Monophonics

How badass are these relative newcomers? Badass enough to get Karl Denson to play on multiple tracks of their latest album, “Into the Infrasounds.” Karl don’t play with chumps. These guys are no chumps. Being from the San Francisco Bay Area, I have yet to see them, but I sure want to.

5. Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling is among my favorite hip-hop groups EVER, and I always thought their humor and funky beats would translate well to a jam festival setting, especially since they seem to a bit of an anomaly in a musical genre that is unfortunately all about a tough and big pimpin’ image more times than not. These guys have fun and stick to the true spirit of hip-hop with their incredible DJ, Young Einstein rocking loops in the spirit of the time when, as they say, “laces were phat and Michael Jackson was black.” They’d be perfect for 40-50 minute sidestage or late-night setbreak act.


  1. Lubriphonic is GREAT live! The 1st time we saw them was in Mobile, AL when they opened up for the New Mastersounds and they just floored me. Saw them at Bear Creek the 2nd day they played, some goober jacked up the pedal-board so it was a strange but still bad ass set. Going to see them headline a show in Tallahassee on Wednesday though and really excited about that! Definitely try to catch them asap.

    Tony from Pensacola


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