Bowlive: Night One

Words By Karen Dugan (tinyrager)

Bowlive 2, a two-week Soulive residency at the Brooklyn Bowl, kicked off yesterday firing on all cylinders. For a Tuesday, the venue was packed! By 9pm The Nigel Hall Band, consisting of Eric Krasno on bass, Adam Deitch on drums, Neal Evans on organ, Alan Evans on percussion, Mel Flannery and Tanya Jones on backup vocals and Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff on guitar, hit the stage filling the excessively packed venue with soulful songs layered with get-down funk. Nigel Hall’s undeniable energy is exactly why Soulive has slated him to open for the remainder of the Bowlive 2 run.

Afterwards Brooklyn Bowl owner Peter Shapiro came on stage to express his gratitude for this musical event by offering 600 shots of Tequila to the audience. Our hosts for the night, Soulive members guitarist Eric Krasno, drummer Alan Evans and organist Neal Evans entered the stage and the Brooklyn Bowl erupted as they played songs from various albums including their latest album, Rubber Soulive.

Lettuce was next and after a few signature songs , Maceo Parker, the leader of James Brown’s infamous horn section, joined the stage raging right into covers like Parliament Funkadelic’s “Up for the Down Stroke” and Ray Charles’ “Night Time is the Right Time” as well as songs from his own repertoire like “Pass The Peas.” Nigel Hall brought out his vocals again with “Making My Way back Home” and acclaimed Jazz pianist James Hurt popped in few a few minutes to tear up “By Any Schmeans Necessary” to close the night. PURE FUNKY GOODNESS!!

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