Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bowlive: Night Three

Words By Karen Dugan (tinyrager)

The Royal Family just keeps raising the bar during the third night of Bowlive 2 as Soulive hosted keyboardist/Moog extraordinaire Bernie Worrell of Parliament Funkadelic for a Parliament Funkadelic tribute.

Alecia Chakour engaged the audience with her soulful vocals to open the evening. Bowlive alums James Casey and Igmar Thomas filled her horn section and keyboardist Darby Wolf, guitarist Jaron Olevsky and drummer Makaya Marcus McCraven made their Bowlive debuts. The smoothness flowed as Nigel Hall, Cheme Gastelum, Ryan Zoidis and Alan Evans (on guitar!) joined the stage for a slow, subtle yet jamming “Hard Times” , joining two musical families together and closing out a great set!

Soulive started their set with tracks from their latest album, Rubber Soulive. The Shady Horns, consisting of Ryan Zoidis and Cheme Gastelum, joined the stage to compliment the jazzy/funk trio on a KILLER “Hat Trick.” Nigel Hall came out to lend his vocals on “Do the To” and “Too Much” with help from Alecia Chakour.

When Parliament Funkadelic’s Bernie Worrell hit the stage, funk hit the fan! Almost as if he were calling out to his youthful counterparts through his Moog, every musician that was wondering around the venue ended up on stage one by one over the course of a phenomenal, danceable set. Fifteen musicians including three guitarists (Alan Evans, Adam Smirnoff, Eric Krasno), five vocalists (Nigel Hall, Tanya Jones, Mel Flannery, Lenesha Randolph, Nikki Glaspie), four keyboardists (Neal Evans, Nigel Hall, Igmar Thomas and Bernie Worrell), three horns (Ryan Zoidis, Cheme Gastelum and James Casey), bassist Chris Loftlin and drummers Nikkie Glaspie and Questlove tore the stage apart! Where some might say the “Dr. Frankenstein” was the highlight, others will argue that “Flashlight” blew the cobwebs out our minds!

Set List: Up For the Downstroke, Mothership, Dr, Frankenstein, Flashlight, Do That Stuff

Are you ready for more? Tonight, Krasno and the Evans Brothers welcome pedal-steel guitarist Robert Randolph (Robert Randolph and the Family Band, The Word) to engage Brooklyn Bowl’s audience in yet another night of soulful funk!

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