Henhouse Prowlers: Verses, Chapters, and Rhymes

Words By J-man

The Henhouse Prowlers' third album marks the end of an era for the band. As the band has come to know personnel changes all to0 well, the blow that the band suffered from the departure of fiddler Ryan Hinshaw cannot go unnoticed. As a fan, "Verses, Chapters and Rhymes" is somewhat of a bittersweet album. Their new album reflects an unwaivering maturity, sonic mastery, as well as a collection of great songs performed by world-class musicians.

The album starts off with pure, fast-paced picking and top notch harmonies. Listening, it's easy to get lost in the clean instrumentation and passionate lyrics. With song contributions from band members Ben Wright (Banjo), Jon Goldfine (Bass) and Eric Lambert (Guitar) and those of others, the album has a well-balanced selection of songs that feature a variety of tempos (and melodic ideas).If nothing else the Henhouse Prowlers are traveling troubadours and story-tellers and the new album captures that vibe.

The Henhouse Prowlers and "Verses Chapters, and Rhymes" radiate respect for the traditions and the music. Songs like "Don't Even Say Goodbye", "Unsteady Footing", "Doin' Alright" and "Don't Always Get What You Wanted" stand out for listeners who appreciate driving bluegrass. For those who are fans of instrumentals, there is the Irish sounding "Green" or the closing "Northwest Passage". Regardless of your preference of styling, "Verses, Chapters, and Rhymes" has something for everybody.



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