Jamband Spotlight: The New Mastersounds

Words by Greg Molitor (ReMIND Photography)

Hey friends,

Here we are living in March 2011. There’s no escaping wintertime, and as it tends to do, the frigid season seems to be lasting forever here in Michigan. When cold winds get me down, I grab hold of whatever liveliness I can that helps drag me to the warmth of Spring. During March, the last leg of this trying seasonal marathon, I’ll be focusing on bands that exemplify perseverance and defy the odds through their uplifting sonic offerings. My first choice is The New Mastersounds, the groovilicious four-piece funk band from Leeds, England...

As an alumnus of many American music festivals such as Wakarusa Music Festival, Jam Cruise, Harmony Fest, Gratefulfest, High Sierra Music Festival and many others, The New Mastersounds have defined perpetual motion through its workmanlike approach to playing funky Soul and R & B. Their sound is as blue-collar as any festival act in the 21st century, their tunes soaring with a slick swiftness that swings and boogies like Johnny B. Goode on a payday. Check out the link below for a funky NMS performance from High Sierra Music Festival 2011. The set is explosive, drenched with soul, and features brilliant sit-ins from Karl Denson on saxophone and two catchy lyricists that provide rhymes to NMS’s kickin’ beats. I challenge you to stay seated through even the first song...if you can avoid getting on your feet and shakin’ your hips, you have more discipline than me. These guys have an infectious groove, and I’ve caught the bug.

New Mastersounds Live at High Sierra Music Festival on July 3, 2010. <--- Direct Archive Link

The New Mastersounds are:
Eddie Roberts - guitar & tambourine
Pete Shand - bass guitar
Simon Allen - drums
Joe Tatton - Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes & tambourine



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