Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Jazz: Garage A Trois

Words By J-man

Garage A Trois is one of, if not the most raging band on the jamband/festival circuit. Not only are they relevant in the jam realm, but on the jazz scene as well. GAT brings intense, insane, musically advanced, improvised and organized jazz right to your face. Then utilizing their adventurous jams, dismantle your face and over-all being. If you are able to survive a GAT show, pick yourself up off of the ground, pick of the pieces and attempt to assemble what is remaining.

Garage A Trois Live at All Good Festival on July 10, 2010. <--- Direct Archive Link

With a line-up comprised of Skerik, Stanon Moore, Mike Dillon and Marco Benevento, as you can imagine the survival rate resulting from their live show is staggeringly low. The band gained it's initial respect within' jazz music with one of it's founding members, Charlie Hunter. Charlie has since departed GAT to pursue other musical avenues.The band in it's current incarnation, is as destructive and mind-blowing as ever. Enjoy the video and link provided with caution...

"WARNING: Not to be made audible in the presence of young children, elderly, or the faint of heart!"


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