Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Dead (Zimmer's Picks): 6.10.90

Words By Andy Zimmer

In early 1990, unsubstantiated rumors had been circulating throughout the Dead community that Phil would be leaving the band. Phil briefly addressed this speculation at the Cal Expo show that June and put the “bullshit lie” to bed. He also decided to spend the better part of the night dropping monster bass bombs all over the greater Sacramento area. Phil’s playing is excellent throughout this entire show, and he even gets to test his vocal chops on “Box of Rain”. Jerry delivers quality versions of “Row Jimmy” and”Standing on the Moon” and the whole band pulls it together for a version of “Eyes of the World” that is pretty damn nice. With less than two months until the untimely passing of Brent Mydland, the direction of the band was about to change... again. But, on this day, the boys were alive, well, and kickin’.

Grateful Dead Live at Cal Expo on June 10, 1990.


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