Monday, May 9, 2011

The Motet in Boulder 4.22.11 & 4.23.11

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis

For me, as of recently, it doesn't get much better than The Motet. Their combination of funk, dance, and jam puts me in an elevated state of mind. Upon the announcement of a two-night run in Boulder, I was thrilled. The thought of the music combined with the atmosphere of a Motet show, good friends and a bit of dancing seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. Those two nights at The Fox Theatre were some of the most enjoyable
shows that I have seen in Colorado. The Motet knows how to throw a party, and this was evident in their energy and turnout.

Night One Photo Gallery

Friday 4.22.11:

Driving down the road from Boulder to Denver, our energy was high as Carly and I were accompanied by my brother Brandon from Michigan. That night would mark his first Motet show. As well, we had been invited to dinner by Dave Watts, the drummer for The Motet. We arrived in Boulder at a small Thai resturant where we were greeted by Joey Porter, Pete Wall, Garrett Sayers and Dave Watts. There was excitement in the air. The guys laughed and joked as they dined. I decided that the restaurant would not be a good place to conduct the interview, so after our meal we headed back to the venue where I would sit down with Dave Watts and Joey Porter as Juno What?!

I felt good about our conversation. As a newcomer to Juno What's music, it was interesting to gain some perspective. After a few laughs and a drink or two we headed back upstairs to get an interview with Saxophonist Pete Wall and to set up for The Motet's set. The place was filling-in as The Fox Theatre approached selling out. We found a spot near the front of the venue and sat down for a conversation...

Following the interview we headed back inside, found a spot, grabbed a drink and prepared for the main event. The turn out was solid, the energy was high and folks were ready to party as The Motet hit the stage. What would follow would confirm my sentiments of The Motet being one of my current favorite live bands.

The show featured two sets of original music with overwhelming solos, peak energy and some of the most enjoyable instrumentation that we have recently experienced. As we moved from the front of the house to the back, folks were getting down. As we passed, folks smiled, danced out of our way and danced with us. It was a great communal vibe of people looking to throw down. There is something about the thought and attendance of a Motet show that brings out the party. We finally made it to the balcony where we enjoyed the second half of the show.

In regards to the current line
up of the band, I'm not sure that I have heard the Motet sound better. I took comfort in the fact that I would be seeing the Motet again the following evening, and during the first night's show, anticipation grew for the second...

Saturday 4.23.11:

We had a few other shows on our calendar, but had no other choice to turn out for night two of The Motet after what we had seen the prior evening. The energy was even higher and the crowd larger than the previous evening. This night the Motet would perform one of their "Best of Halloween" sets. Just minutes before the show, it was announced that it was indeed sold out!

As the show began, a dance party unfolded. As we got down, drank and partied, The Motet played through some Talking Heads, Prince and Michael Jackson among others. Joey Porter tore it up on the keys, destroying any solo that was tossed his way. Dave Watts laid down some smooth and danceable beats that made the show what it was. Ryan Jalbert stepped up on the guitar and really impressed me. In regards to the horn section, it's the best I've heard it sound. Over the course of the two nights, I heard Pete Wall play some of the most impressive solos that I have heard him play.

Those two nights in Boulder were the best that I have heard The Motet sound. I was blown away by their vibe, energy, instrumentation and overall performance. Saturday night undoubtedly confirmed The Motet's standing at the top of my list for live music. The world would be a better place if more folks listened to The Motet....

Night Two Photo Gallery


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