The Grateful Dead's Final Show

Words By J-man

Grateful Dead Live at Soldier Field on July 9, 1995.

It's hard to imagine this world without Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. This day in history marked the end on an era. The quality of the show performance-wise is indeed arguably not up to par, but the historical significance makes it well worth the spotlight and the listen.

This show on July 9th, 1995 was the last show that Jerry performed with the Dead before his untimely passing. The show includes some incredible moments and eerie foreshadowing. Join us for a stroll down memory lane, back to a time when this world was graced with Jerry for the last time.

Thank you Jerry for all that you have given and taught us. We are eternally grateful for the music and best of times...

Touch Of Gray, Little Red Rooster, Lazy River Road, When I Paint My Masterpiece*, Childhood's End, Cumberland Blues, Promised Land Shakedown Street, Samson & Delilah, So Many Roads, Samba In The Rain, Corrina, Drums, Space, Unbroken Chain, Sugar Magnolia

E: Black Muddy River, Box Of Rain


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