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Green is Beautiful 4.22.17 (Photos)

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Pisgah Brewing's 12th Anniversary 4.22.17 (Photos)

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Green is Beautiful 4.21.17 (Photos)

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MusicMarauders Spotify Playlist - Volume 26 (4.26.17)

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Jelly Bread & Science 4.21.17 (Photos)

of Montreal 4.20.17 (Photos)

The Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO

Photos by Ryan Fitzgerald (Jarred Media)

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Kung Fu 4.19.17 (Photos)

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Foxygen 4.19.17 (Photos)

The Motet 4.19.17 (Photos)

The Top Hat
Missoula, MT

Photos by Brad Hodge

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Travelin' McCourys' Grateful Ball 4.15.17 (Photos)

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World's Finest 4.15.17 (Photos)

Dark Star Orchestra 4.13.17 (Photos)

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Explosions In The Sky 4.15.17 (Photos)

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Dark Star Orchestra 4.12.17 (Photos)

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The Travelin' McCourys Gateful Ball 4.14.17 (Photos)

The Infamous Stringdusters 4.6 & 4.7.17

Wonder Ballroom
Portland, OR

Words by Mitch Melheim
Photos by Coleman Schwartz Media

The Infamous Stringdusters made their way back to Portland’s Wonder Ballroom once again, this time for a two-night run of ol’ fashioned ‘Dusters that many Portlanders had been longing for after the previous two years had shifted attention elsewhere with the Ladies and Gentlemen tour that featured Nicki Bluhm and their co-headlining tour with Keller Williams the year prior. Four sets of the Stringdusters turned out to be even better than expected, taking on a life of their own in comparison to the previous tours.

April 6, 2017:

Leftover Salmon guitarist Vince Herman was advertised as the band’s night one guest and utilized quite efficiently. Because of the way it was billed, I was curious if he would be playing with them all night, but he instead only joined them for a couple of long and exciting segments.

The show began with a jammy start, eventually segueing into the Danny Barnes tune “Get It While You Can" that has become a ‘Dusters regular. New song “Hard Life” off of their recently released album, Laws of Gravity, led into “In God’s Country” before Vince Herman made his way to the stage.

Fittingly, the first song with Herman was Leftover Salmon’s latin meets zydeco dance number, “Mama Boulet,” which kick started the fun, as Herman usually does. The Grateful Dead’s “Mr. Charlie” followed and was the highlight of the set as Herman and Stringdusters guitarist Andy Falco traded licks in an exploratory jam that led into “Big Sandy River.”

The second set started out with a fairly psychedelic “Stay Here And Drink” that segued into another new tune, “Gravity.” The Allman Brothers’ “Jessica” followed and was the most unexpected cover of the weekend. It was my first time seeing a string band cover that song and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it translated.

Herman joined the band again for a huge mid-section of the set that ushered us into the best segment of the weekend. “Summer Camp” > “Walking On The Moon” > “Black Rock” closed the show and brought everyone in the Wonder Ballroom along for the ride. The happy and fluffy “Summer Camp” segued into the spacey “Walking On The Moon” which after some mind-blowing interplay between violinist Jeremy Garrett and Chris Pandolfi’s banjo led into the dark and powerful instrumental, “Black Rock.”

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April 7, 2017:

Night two picked up right where the previous night had left off with more long jams and segues. Covers of Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” and the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street” were each a part of a monstrous “Hitchhiker” that wrapped itself up after Shakedown. Both shows started out hot, but it was clear halfway into the first set that there was a decided effort being put forth to surpass the madness of night one.

That inference was cemented by the end of the first set which got rolling with a personal favorite, “High Country Funk,” leading into a short cover of “2001 (Also Sprach Zarathustra)” that eventually segued into the set-closing “Blockygrass.”

Night two just so happened to be banjo player Chris Pandolfi’s (Panda) birthday and he was greeted with around fifty panda masks in the crowd, one of which was worn by Fruition’s Mimi Naja who joined the band a couple times during the second set, mask included.

Cake’s “Stickshifts & Safety Belts” opened up the second set and was a fun bluegrass take on the 90's alt-rock song. Naja joined the band to add vocals, not surprising considering how well I’ve seen Fruition play that song.

The set held steady until busting open in the middle for a huge “Fork In The Road” that began with “Maxwell” before segueing into “Fork,” then “Ain’t No Way Of Knowing,” and back into “Fork” with a happy birthday tease for Pandolfi thrown in for good measure.

Naja was brought back out for a cover of New Riders of the Purple Sage’s “Midnight Moonlight,” this time adding her mandolin to the mandolin-less string band. Expectedly, “Moonlight” brought upon a huge jam that eventually led into one of the band’s home run hitting set closers, “Sirens.” The segue between the two songs brought upon some interesting teases such as Phish’s “Bathtub Gin” and Joe Cocker’s “Feelin’ Alright.” Most of us were worn out from two high-energy nights of dancing so the unplugged, single microphone encore that closed the weekend was happily accepted and made for a beautiful end to a truly impressive run.

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Gogol Bordello 4.9.17 (Photos)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Phoffman/Beck Quartet with Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys 4.6.17

Aggie Theatre
Fort Collins, CO

Words & Photos by Nicholas Stock (Fat Guerilla Productions)

Sometimes a lineup comes along that is so enticing that you can’t help but drop everything and head out to a show. The Phoffman/Beck Quartet featuring Paul and Anders from Greensky Bluegrass alongside up and comers Billy Strings and Samson Grisman was something that I could not ignore. They plotted a four-day run through the Centennial State with stops in Boulder, Fort Collins, Frisco and Denver. I caught them at The Aggie Theatre on night two and they came ready to pick. For this tour, they entrusted the opening slot in Fort Collins to fellow Michiganders Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys.

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys are a big ol’ slice of Americana served up on one of those melamine plates your grandma used to keep in the cabinet. The group features the sounds you might hear around an Ann Arbor campfire circa 1958, but you know with heaps of modernity piled on for good measure. Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys embody an authenticity rarely witnessed in today’s music scene. Anchored by Lindsay’s powerful melodic vocals this band passes around instruments like some of us pass around the bottle. It is rare to see a band talented enough that any picker could play any part of the song on guitar, mandolin, or bass. Her set was short clocking in at just under an hour. Highlights included a jammed-out rendition of No Doubt’s “I’m Just A Girl” and a new song entitled “The Voice.”

A little before 10:00 PM our heroes entered stage left. It seems like the Greensky guys are trying to make friends with younger pickers… why is Dave Bruzza sick? There is no shortage of gigs when it comes to Greensky Bluegrass, but this project was something completely different. Billy Strings took the helm early with his original “Dust in a Baggie.”

Set One: Dust in a Baggie, I’d Probably Kill You, A Letter to Seymour, Different Days, Burn Them, Broken Highways, Why Do You Do Me Like You Do, Roberta, For Sure Uh Huh (1), Meet Me at the Creek > Train, Train > Meet Me at the Creek (2)(3)

Set Two: Lumpy, Beanpole and Dirt, While I’m Waiting Here, All Four, Islands in the Stream (4), Fixin’ to Ruin (4), Broke Mountain Breakdown (5)(6)(7) > Makisupa Policeman > Broke Mountain Breakdown > Makisupa Policeman > Señor > Broke Mountain Breakdown, Demons, Turmoil & Tinfoil (7)

Encore: Will the Circle Be Unbroken (4), Born to Be Wild > Kerosene (8) > Born to Be Wild

(1) “Meet Me at the Creek” started and stopped before song
(2) “Eye of the Tiger” tease
(3) “Tweezer Reprise” jam
(4) With Lindsay Lou
(5) “Smoke on the Water” tease
(6) “Bathtub Gin” tease
(7) “Bustin’ Loose” teases
(8) Unfinished and altered

Overall, the show was a blend of originals, unusual covers, and amazing picking. It was like we were witnessing the genesis of an entirely new group. Obviously, that setlist is chocked full of so much bluegrassy goodness that it’s almost too much to dissect. There were a lot of classic Greensky sprinkled throughout the show starting with “I’d Probably Kill You” and “A Letter To Seymour.” They played several Bruzza sung tunes during which Billy Strings took the vocals. “Burn Them Broken Highways” was another such tune which was a stunning cool down. “Roberta” was a fast picked instrumental tune that saw some stellar collaboration between Billy and Beck. Anders and Paul had fun on the Greensky reggae vamp tune “For Sure Uh Huh.” They closed with a “Meet Me at the Creek” sandwich that featured a tight “Train, Train” in the middle.

The second set was full of fireworks starting with the Bad Livers cover of “Lumpy, Beanpole and Dirt.” We were treated to another Billy Strings original in the form of “While I’m Waiting Here.” They invited Lindsay Lou up to sing a couple of songs with the band. She gave us a mesmerizing version of the Dolly Parton / Kenny Rodgers classic “Islands in the Steam” as well as “Fixn’ To Ruin” off of GSBG’s latest album Shouted, Written Down and Spoken. The “Broke Mountain Breakdown” spotlighting Phish’s “Makisupa Policeman” was an obvious peak. They closed the show with “Turmoil & Tinfoil.” After that star-studded performance, the encore was almost too much to handle. The delicate “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” gave way to a raucous “Born To Be Wild” that detoured into Greensky’s “Kerosene” before returning to the Steppenwolf classic. This show was simply put, amazing. Watching incredibly talented pickers learning to play with one another in a live setting is something that never gets old. Let’s hope that we see this quartet again… soon.

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MusicMarauders Spotify Playist - Volume Twenty Four (4.12.17)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Eufórquestra’s Fort Funk feat. Eddie Roberts, Tnertle & Moves At Midnight 3.31.17

Aggie Theatre
Fort Collins, CO

Words & photos by Nicholas Stock (Fat Guerilla Productions)

Whether it’s a summer night at the Mishawaka, New Years Eve at Hodi’s, or a headlining slot at the Lagoon Concert Series, Eufórquestra never lets the hometown crowd wait too long for a show. The now annual Fort Funk extravaganza is the local highlight of the year and features a guest or two sitting in with the band. Last year, Jennifer Hartswick from Trey Anastasio Band joined Eufórquestra, this time around it was The New Mastersounds' Eddie Roberts. Prior to the headliner fans were treated to some seriously talented bands to open the show. First on the docket was Moves At Midnight.

From the ashes of Trichome, Moves at Midnight rises like a funky phoenix ready to throw down the most epic of dance parties. Lead by Evan Daldegan on guitar and vocals, this quintet is taking a fresh approach to the music that made them a Front Range phenomenon. Blending elements of r&b, funk, jazz, jam, and more Moves At Midnight appears ready to pick up exactly where they left off with Trichome. Their set at the Aggie was short, but filled with powerfully tight jams as well as some interesting song selections. They invited the horn section from Tnertle up for a few tunes before calling it a night.

Tnertle is the latest project to emerge from the minds of Trent Campbell and Kyle Ayervais. Originally formed while they were both studying at the Berklee School of Music, Tnertle has evolved from an electro duo into a full-blown funk and hip-hop display complete with a horn section and an MC. This music is a melting pot of electronica, hip-hop, reggae, funk and more. Their performance at the Aggie featured some interesting lyrics from Ray Salazar who MC’d for most of the set. Eventually Moves At Midnight saxophonist Michael Windham sat in as well. They are a product of today’s modern music scene. The line between electronic and organically produced music is becoming more and more blurred. Groups like Tnertle are seizing the opportunity to bend genres and create the music they want to hear.

Finally, it was time for the main event. Eufórquestra took the stage with two old friends, founding members Matt Grundstad on percussion and Ryan Morris-Jeter on saxophone. The horn section took the spotlight on the set opening “Built To Last.”

Set One: Built to Last, Higher, Stank Funk, All the Light I Need, Long Drive Home, Soulful Strut, Road Funk, Carrot Juice, That Woman, Black Pearl, Fire, Flood in Franklin Park, Instant Coffee

Encore: Colorado Kicked

Eufórquestra kept it simple early on with straight forward performances of “Higher” and “Stank Funk.” The toned down “All the Light I Need” sung by Austin Zalatel was a nice chill out before the insanity which was to follow. The New Mastersounds’ Eddie Roberts appeared on stage for “Long Drive Home,” which was originally written and performed with his West Coast Sounds band. Fans were delighted to hear a rendition of the classic Young-Holt Unlimited instrumental “Soulful Strut” before things got serious with a nasty “Road Funk.” Eddie took the lead on the NMS favorite “Carrot Juice.” There was some serious back and forth between guitarist Mike Tallman and Eddie Roberts. Both were all smiles as they traded licks throughout the set. Digging deep the band proceeded with a rendition of the African Music Machine’s “Black Pearl.” It was interesting to see Eddie adding his style to classic songs like Eufórquestra’s “Fire.” The Grant Green track “Flood in Franklin Park” was another obvious highlight. They closed with an appropriate “Instant Coffee.” The whole band returned to encore with the recently released “Colorado Kicked.”

This evening was more of a happening than a concert. Fort Funk is quickly becoming a must attend annual event here in the "Choice City." With so much musical offerings in Fort Collins it is becoming more important to stand out in the crowd. Inviting incredible, nationally touring musicians to your hometown is one way to do just that. It also adds something unique to the performance. Rather than the random sit in, this is a melding of styles and a way of innovating through collaboration. Eddie Roberts was the perfect choice for the Fort Funk show. I wonder who they will invite next year? Fishman? Time will tell.

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Paul Hoffman, Anders Beck, Billy Strings & Samson Grisman 4.7.17 (Photos)

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The Wood Brothers 4.6.17 (Photos)

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Euforquestra, Tnertle & Moves at Midnight 3.31.17 (Photos)

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Brothers Gow & The Werks 3.29.17 (Photos)

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Victor Wooten & Dandu 3.25.17 (Photos)

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Yonder Mountain String Band & The Lil Smokies 3.25.17 (Photos)