Thursday, May 29, 2014

MusicMarauders Presents: The Drunken Hearts Feat. Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) & Allie Kral (Cornmeal, Formerly)

The 1up - Colfax
Denver, CO

Join us for MusicMarauders Presents: The Drunken Hearts Feat. Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) & Allie Kral (Cornmeal, Formerly), as well as members of The Infamous Stringdusters (Friday) and members of Elephant Revival (Saturday) at The 1up - Colfax in Denver, CO!

Fri. June 6, 2014
Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm
The 1up - Colfax
$12.00 ADV - $18.00 DOS

Purchase FRIDAY Tickets Here:

Sat. June 7, 2014
Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm
The 1up - Colfax
$12.00 ADV - $18.00 DOS

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Preview: 7th Annual Delfest May 22 - 25

Allegany County Fairgrounds
Cumberland, MD

In it's 7th year, Delfest brings together a vast community of pickers and passionate music fans to The Allegany County Fairgrounds in Cumberland, MD for a weekend celebrating one of the greats, Del McCoury! In addition to an incredible who's who line-up of all-stars, the weekend includes intimate artist playshops, late night shows, a fun-filled kids area, a quality arts & crafts faire, delicious food and drinks, plentiful camping space with RV hookups, and much more!

Delfest 2014 Line-up: The Del McCoury Band, The String Cheese Incident (2 Sets), Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby with Kentucky Thunder, Yonder Mountain String Band, Railroad Earth, Hot Rize featuring Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers, Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn, The Travelin’ McCourys, Greensky Bluegrass, Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Devil Makes Three, The Gibson Brothers, Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott, Sierra Hull, Jim Lauderdale, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Kruger Brothers, The Duhks (Original Lineup), Joe Craven, Shook Twins, The Deadly Gentlemen, Spirit Family Reunion, Cabinet, The California Honeydrops, Rebecca Frazier and Hit & Run, The Unseen Strangers, T Sisters, Horsehoes & Hand Grenades,

Plus the DelFest Artist Open Submission Winners: The Barefoot Movement, Dead Horses, The Kitchen Dwellers, Liz Frame and the Kickers, Mo’ Mojo, Tuckahoe Ridge String Band

For more information about ticketing, camping and more, head over to

M & M's (Medeski, Moore, Mercurio & Mali) 5.10.14

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Denver, CO

Words & Photos By Brad Yeakel (OptiMystic Outlooks)

I arrived at Welton Street via light rail and was anxious to reach Cervantes. The Recovery Act was in the middle of a lively funk-soul set. The band laid crunchy foundations as Lindsay French belted out vocals. I'd seen them before, but playing in the big room seemed to inject new energy. Their closing number, a cover of an obscure song, Space Capone's "I Just Want to Dance," was among the most well received songs of the whole night.

Fox Street All Stars were next on the bill, and brought their signature sound to the stage. Somewhere between the Allman Brothers and the E-street Band, their songwriting was as strong as their chops. Front man "Skippy" Hubbard was surrounded by strong players, my favorite of which was guitarist James Dumm. His solos ranged from psychedelic to aggressive, always adding to the whole. By the time the band closed their set with "Sneaking Sally Through the Alley" and Pharrell's "Happy," the smiling crowd was getting anxious to see the main event.

The M&M's featured Galactic's Stanton Moore and Robert Mercurio on drums and bass respectively. The duo was augmented by guitarist Papa Mali and keyboard wizard John Medeski. By the time they took the stage, the room was roasting and the crowd had packed in. As they took on jazz and funk passages, the band seemed largely relaxed. Medeski's playing was predictably phenomenal with effortless transitions, variations, and modal fluency that has earned him his jazz master reputation. I had never seen Papa Mali before, and though I knew he was in 7 Walkers with Billy Kreutzman of the Dead, I really wasn't sure what to expect. I found him to be talented, respectful of his fellow artist's space, and capable of accompanying or leading with equal ability.

As the show went on, the organ work of Medeski began to stand out more and more. I have always enjoyed watching jazz or classical musicians tackle popular music. Their insights, angles, and musical perspective have often led to remarkable performances. Collaborations such as John Scofield playing with Phil Lesh and Friends or Bela Fleck with Phish, have led to some of my favorite musical moments. Likewise, Medeski and company tearing into "Eminence Front" by The Who was a treat. Definitely my personal highlight for the evening, this version was ballsy, loud, and precise. Mali nearly recreated Townsend's monster guitar work, and Medeski nailed the keys. No surprise.

The M&M's use of an established rhythm section (Galactic's) allowed them to be more adventurous than most side project/ super groups. Their (Mercurio and Moore) pinpoint timing could have served as a backup for Boulder's NIST atomic clock. Papa Mali set his watch to their beat. He was a good listener, a skill crucial to being a good player. He was supportive, confident, and capable of following the tunes in a variety of directions. Lastly, Medeski's skill set for improvisation in jazz piano made him an ideal candidate to provide this band's luster.

This well-integrated, balanced, respectful musical relationship among an exceedingly talented set of artists was a pleasure to watch. We closed our tabs before stepping from the sweat box out into the drizzling rain. We jockeyed for real estate to snag a cab. Then, hip hop beats and a ride through the Blake Street bar circus home... just another night of sweet, sweet, music in the Mile High.

Monday, May 12, 2014

String Cheese Incident: Song in My Head

Words By Brad Yeakel (Opti Mystic Outlooks)

String Cheese Incident recently released their first record in almost a decade. With an evolving sound, a hiatus, multiple side projects, and distractions ranging from interests to family, the sound on the album was surprisingly familiar. Much of the record was on par with their best efforts to date. I should know, the band's Boulder street party to release the album was the 99th time I'd seen the band.

Colorado Bluebird Sky has been a fan favorite since SCI returned to the game. The tune seemed to connect with the String Cheese of old, revitalizing the sound that originally hooked so many fans. With lyrics that celebrate the idea of packing up and moving west, the song seemed to almost remind the band of how this whole journey started. While I felt it was a great opener to the album, I expected it to be the closer, and was reminded that this was an album, not a show... a point that was not readily apparent given Kyle and Kang's solo work.

What really excited me when I heard about the new album was the inclusion of "Betray the Dark." Once again it seemed that the band was connecting with a part of their past. I personally have loved BTD since the first time I heard it live. I found this slightly reworked version just as satisfying as ever.

Kyle Hollingsworth's "Let's Go Outside" has always reminded me of his other popular solo tune, "Way That it Goes." While WTIG has been overplayed, "Let's Go Outside" has been used a bit more sparingly. I liked the song and thought the recording was solid, but generally felt this was more of a Kyle Band song than a String Cheese tune.

The title track, "Song in My Head," was another Billy Nershi tune. When it debuted at Red Rocks, I was not impressed. Over the time that has passed since then, the song has been developed, tweaked, and improved overall. It was a pleasant surprise to hear the studio version. Once again Kang lent his mandolin skills to the jam and livened it up. It also worked nicely as a concept for the album.

Keith's contribution to the album, "Struggling Angel," left me conflicted. On one hand, the song was written for Sarah Gewald, a friend of the band that passed away. I found it compelling that the band wrote a song to remember her. On the other hand, the tune lacked the patent SCI energy that has made them one of my favorites. The studio album compensated a bit more than the live versions I've heard, by conjuring shades of Dylan, Neil Young, and Willie Nelson. A more Americana vibe helped to give the heavy subject matter a more fitting vibe.

The next tune was Kyle's "Can't Wait Another Day," a tune which sounded a lot like the early calypso-infused, island Cheese. This song grew on me since it first appeared. Some parts of the song were better than others, but the more I've heard the tune, the more I've liked it. Jerry Harrison did a great job producing this album. It seemed like his involvement helped to remind the band why they started making music together.

Nershi's amped up grass groove, "So Far From Home," was another strong part of this album. With speedy picking, scorching organ, and great support, the song revved the engine and hammered it down the dusty road.

The first time I heard "Rosie" was a DANCE PARTY. Discotronica was born with Neo-retro flair. The last few times I heard it, I was moderately disappointed that they didn't really improvise at all. The album version provided a slightly different take, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Stay Through" had a reggae rhythm and dropped in the stylistic icing that truly made the album one of their best ever studio efforts. With the high energy and good vibe sound of this song, the album had equal parts of all things Cheese.

To close the album, they chose "Colliding." This song was another from Kyle Hollingsworth's ethereal, spacey, exploratory collection, and really did have the substance to be the exclamation point on their first studio expression in nearly a decade.

Overall this album is among the best String Cheese has produced. Just when I was beginning to question their commitment, the boys came out and reminded me that when it comes to the Cheese, roots run deep.

"Song in My Head" is available for purchase on iTunes, in record stores, and at

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Roosevelt Collier's "Colorado Get Down" feat. Members of The Motet & Leftover Salmon

Join Roosevelt Collier (The Lee Boys) with Andy Thorn (Leftover Salmon), Joey Porter (Juno What, The Motet), Garrett Sayers (GS3, The Motet) & Dave Watts (The Motet, Kyle Hollingsqworth Band) for three very special nights on The Front Range!

-5.15.14 Roosevelt Collier's "Colorado Get Down" at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO - Purchase Tickets Here

-5.16.14 Roosevelt Collier's "Colorado Get Down" at Cervantes Other Side in Denver, CO - Purchase Tickets Here

-5.17.14 Roosevelt Collier's "Colorado Get Down" at Cervantes Other Side in Denver, CO - Purchase Tickets Here

The String Cheese Incident on The Hill 4.28.14

Outside of The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Words & Photos By Nicholas Stock (Fat Guerilla Productions)
Audio By Peter Coffan

The String Cheese Incident has a deep, and at times, profound connection with their fan base. In light of the fact that SCI would not be performing at Red Rocks this summer they choose instead to throw a ‘Free Incident’ on the Hill in Boulder. Harking back to the days of yore when things were a little simpler and the world of jam had not yet reached it’s full potential. Bands like SCI would set up on the corners or in the caf├ęs of Boulder before eventually evolving to the more elaborate productions we see from them today. This was a chance for Cheese and Cheese fans alike to experience that free show on campus or outside of the bar that we may never have had the opportunity to witness. Don Strasburg transported us back to that time with his introduction before the band filtered out at 5:45 PM.

Let me set the scene for you. The stage is positioned directly in the middle of the intersection at 13th and College with a wide-open perimeter. Nothing marked the entrance except for a few Road Closed signs in each direction. The concert area stretched the entire block of College giving ample room for eight to ten thousand of String Cheese’s closest freeloaders. There was a distinct lack of beer vendors because open consumption is not allowed on a public street in Boulder. This meant that the three bars in close proximity to the stage made a killing while others snuck sips from flasks or standard red Dixie cups. Boulder Police made the rounds, and occasionally wrote a ticket for drinking or smoking in public. However once the show began the crowd pushed in and it was an absolute free for all.

I witnessed countless bad decisions as fans eager to get a better glimpse climbed whatever signpost or marquee happened to be in the vicinity. A pair of Cheese heads actually broke part of the sign on the corner and fell, although I was not a witness to this. I did see kids in the alley scuttling up dumpsters and air conditioning units to get onto an unoccupied roof though. Despite a complete lack of room late arrivers continued to push toward the stage making movement around the tight perimeter of shops and restaurants treacherous. Other than that it was a completely normal street show. They opened with the title track to their first album in nine years and the reason for the celebration, Song In My Head.

String Cheese Incident Live on The Hill (Outside of the Fox Theater) on April 28, 2014.

Setlist: Song In My Head, Best Feeling> Colliding, Look At Where We Are, Outside Inside> Boogie On Reggae Woman, Betray The Dark> Drums, Rivertrance, Let’s Go Outside, So Far From Home> Colorado Bluebird Sky,

Encore: Bollymunster, Can’t Wait Another Day> Rosie

Nershi’s fingers tickled the strings as the band focused on their harmonies. Kang hopped up for a surprising “Best Feeling.” The set was a nice mix with SCI playing a total of six tracks off the new album as well as a nice spattering of classics. The irony is that since it’s been so long since their last album many of the songs chosen for the record fall into the category of classic Cheese already. Kyle Hollingsworth’s “Colliding” has really evolved into a full-fledged energy-drenched jam. They ventured into a trance vibe with Travis adding a snappy rhythm before returning to the refrain. Moseley provided the vocals brilliantly on “Look At Where We Are,” which seemed appropriate given the locale. “Outside Inside” into Stevie Wonder’s “Boogie On Reggae Woman” was the early highlight of the two hour plus set. “Betray The Dark” was a dip in the energy, but the “Drums” featuring Jason Hann brought the crowd back to attention. The 11-minute plus “Rivertrace” saw some of the most experimental jamming of the night. After a sublime “Let’s Go Outside” the crowd clapped out the rhythm for Nershi on “I’m So Far From Home.” They closed the set with a huge “Colorado Bluebird Sky.” I continue to be impressed on how this once acoustic ditty has evolved into a nice vehicle for improvisation for Cheese.

“Tell you what I’m never going to forget this night.” – Bill Nershi

They gave us an incredible three song encore starting with a spacey but dark “Bollymunster.” Kyle came back to the microphone with the 1-2 punch on his ode the birth of his child, “Can’t Wait Another Day” and his electro-funk snap explosion, “Rosie.” They left the stage at 7:58 PM so as not to break any rules. This show was a commemoration of everything the String Cheese Incident has had to go through in order to continue performing live. Through years of uncertainty and ultimately their resurgence, Song In My Head marks a new page in this progression of SCI. I for one see a bright and Cheesy future for this humble band from Boulder.

Nick’s Photo Gallery

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Leftover Salmon with Gipsy Moon & Grant Farm 4.18 - 4.19.14

Aggie Theatre
Fort Collins, CO

Words, Photos & Video By Nicholas Stock (Fat Guerilla Productions)

Leftover Salmon warmed up for their massive 4.20 Street Show at Cervantes with two nights at the Aggie Theater. A spring stop in Fort Collins is becoming a bit of a tradition with LoS. The Aggie announced earlier in the week that both shows would be 21+, meaning two things: A lot of younger fans were shut out and there wasn't an awkward fence line in the middle of the venue. Friday night featured lots of room while Saturday was borderline sold out. Gipsy Moon started off the festivities at the ungodly hour of 8:00 PM. We arrived just as they were wrapping up their set. This band is a ball of magic, focused on making a sincere connection with their audience. Mackenzie Page is mesmerizing while the combination of Silas Herman on mandolin and David Matters on guitar creates a powerful foundation for this astounding band.

Leftover Salmon treated us to two sets both nights. This band is finally finding a secure footing after the addition of Alwyn Robinson on drums and Little Feat’s Bill Payne on keys. Payne started as a special addition for a limited number of performances. However, he has been present in the lineup more often than not over the last year. I continue to wait for an official announcement from Salmon regarding Payne’s membership status, but currently I’m just happy he keeps appearing regularly. Night one had a relaxed feel and musically this band is on fire. Since their hiatus and return, Leftover Salmon has been continuously rebuilding. From the expulsion of Bill McKay to Andy Thorn’s replacement of Matt Flinner it seems that this band has been searching for equilibrium. It’s safe to say that Salmon has finally found that balance. Their onstage antics between Drew, Greg, Vince and Andy was proof this band is finding utter enjoyment in their performances nightly. The relaxed feel of night one was replaced by a fervor on night two.

The Grant Farm, on the cusp of releasing a their new album, Plowin’ Time, opened up the second show. Everyone I talk to has some preconceived notion on what this band should sound like. Most remember Grant as a flat picking champion or as a member of Emmitt Nershi Band. When Grant Farm takes the stage, opinions are shattered by the explosive rock sound that blasts from the speakers. They played for about an hour and by the end it was obvious that many more fans had opted for the Saturday show. The floor had filled in nicely when Salmon came under the spotlights.

Leftover Salmon left a lasting impression on the audience from night one. They took that energy and carried through the entire weekend. Most of the die-hard Salmon fans were heavily anticipating the 4.20 Salmon in the Streets show, but Saturday at the Aggie may have been the hidden gem of this three-night run. So many classic tunes like “Zombie Jamboree” and “Ants In My Pants” dotted the setlist to the delight of the crowd. During the second set Vince and company invited Tyler Grant up to lend his incredible guitar skills to the mix. The incomparable Mr. Payne treated us to an impeccable version of Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken,” which was a real highlight for most. This band is back, but that’s not to say they are not constantly innovating and moving forward. Their bluesy bar-rock sound they had with McKay has been replaced by a more refined and classic sound. The interplay between Vince, Andy and Drew is always shifting and moving forward. Their show on Saturday was an absolute high-energy bag of awesome. Leftover Salmon rode that momentum into their massive 4.20 celebration the following day.

Furthermore, the Aggie has long been a pariah of venues along the Front Range. It seems that the constant scrutinization of the Fort Collins Police Department has finally pushed this venue to explore what has been necessary for quite some time, going 21 and up. These two nights with Salmon should be a testament to that endeavor. No issues, calm atmosphere and an utter lack of drama prevailed on the floor as the band played on. I’m not calling for an out and out ban of underage shows at the Aggie, but if you are catering to younger audiences don’t sell booze. It’s that simple. Time will tell if the Aggie can find their own footing again in the Fort Collins music scene, but one thing is for certain Leftover Salmon is creating some of the best music of their career. They have found the proper personnel to propel them back into the spotlight. Salmon is often cited as an innovator and inspiration to bands like the String Cheese Incident and Yonder Mountain String Band. It is time people remember why. Leftover Salmon is the whole package, and after years of turbulence they are finally swimming in calm waters. Their musical output is at an all time high and I for one could not be happier.

Nicholas' Photo Gallery

Monday, May 5, 2014

MusicMarauders Presents: Twisted Records feat. Hallucinogen Live w/ Joe Russo & Raja Ram DJ Set

Boulder Theater
Boulder, CO

Due to high demand, MusicMarauders Presents Twisted Records featuring Hallucinogen Live w/ Joe Russo, Raja Ram DJ Set & Dick Trevor DJ Set on May 9th, has been moved to the Boulder Theater! A limited number of tickets are still available! Purchase them before they sell out again!

Price: $20.00 adv/$22.00 dos
Doors: 8:30 PM
Show: 9:00 PM
Age Policy: All Ages

Purchase Tickets Here: