Jimmy Smith - Master of the Hammond Organ

For those of you unaware of this beast of a player, Jimmy Smith is probably the best Hammond organ player ever. Not only was he the first to use the instrument in a jazz/improvisation like manner, he is the reason the Hammond is played the way it is today. His incredible use of the Hammond's tone in addition to his crazy fingers allowed him to become one of the most respected musicians in Jazz today.

Some Jimmy Smith:

Jimmy Smith - The Blue Note Years (1957)

Jimmy Smith - In Concert In Salle Pleyel(1965)

Organ Grinder Swing (1965)... w/ Kenny Burell and Grady Tate.

Jimmy & Wes: The Dynamic Duo (1966)... Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery

Bashin The Unpredictable Jimmy Smith (1962)

Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff (1964)... (more like who's afraid of Jimmy Smith)

ENJOY!... more to come soon.

- Mr. n00b


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