Today's Cheese Selection is... 01.27.00... awesome show.

SCI 01.27.00 The Wool Warehouse Albuquerque, New Mexico

Set 1: Black Clouds, 100 Year Flood > MLT¹, Barstool, Lost, Impressions¹^ > Bigger Isn't Better > White Freightliner Blues

Set 2: Round the Wheel¹ > Drums¹ > Rivertrance¹, Freedom Jazz Dance, Water, Joyful Sound > Rollover

Encore (acoustic): Chili Dawg, How Mountain Girls Can Love

¹ with Jamie Janover on percussion.
^ unfinished.
All of SCI sat in on Big River at the end of David Gans' set (included with this SHN set).
First Time Played: Lost (Kyle original)

Great Black Clouds opener, kyle is truly on this show. 100 yr.> MLT... MLT faces. Set 1 closer, impressions > BIB > white freightliner... awesome fucking jam... way to close a set. RTW> rivertrance set 2 opener... uber heady... joyful > rollover... awesome as well, way to end a show.

great show... check it out.

Mr. n00b


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