Zimmer's Picks (DeadStash)

Originally, I was hoping to dedicate this installment of Zimmer's Picks solely to great versions of Slipknot!. However, as I waded through my myriad of Dead-shows, it became impossible to discern between an "epic" Slipknot! and an off-the-hook Help>Slip>Franklin's.

As any true fan will attest, the three-song-sandwich is probably the best way to enjoy any of these phenomenal tunes. And, personally, hearing one without the others always leaves me feeling particularly unsatisfied. The Help>Slip>Franklin's combo was always a great jam-vehicle for the Dead.....especially during the exploratory Slipknot! sections......and has truly earned it's reputation as a fan-favorite.

In putting together the shows for this installment, it was really hard for me not to limit my search to mid/late-70's shows. For my money, Help>Slip!>Franklin's was never better than it was from '76-'78; but there are, of course, some hidden gems out there from later decades.

So.....here are some of my favorite Help>Slip>Franklin's.

ps- I have intentionally tried to include versions that have a particularly nice/exploratory Slipknot! section, as an attempt to stay-true to my original goal.

First up are two great shows from 1976.

June 14 of that year found the Dead playing at the legendary Beacon Theater. You can't go wrong with the entire show, but the H>S>F is what seals the deal for me (especially the long Slipknot! section that clocks in over 13 minutes).

June 14th, 1976

I couldn't choose between the Beacon show and this one.....so I included them both! This show, from October 1, 1976 in Indianapolis, is high-energy right out of the gates....and just keeps getting better.

October 1st, 1976

Stylistically, the 80's were a big departure for the Dead from their 70's sound. But this is not meant to indicate that the material is sub-par. Listen to these two shows of classic 80's Dead and try to tell me that they weren't jamming as hard as ever.

The September 3, 1983 show, from the Boise Pavilion at Boise State University, is a prime example. The second set is filled with hard-jamming. The Slipknot! finds deep, deep places and then transforms into one of the most rocking Franklin's that I have ever listened to.

September 3rd, 1983

The Dead seemed to always play great shows at the Hampton Coliseum, and helped to establish it as a "destination venue" for generations of fans.....and other bands. In this concert, from 1989, the Dead certainly do not disappoint....a great version of Candyman, and an absolutely sublime Morning Dew. Not to mention the stellar H>S>F.

October 8th, 1989

Finally, we come to the 90's.....just barely. This 1990 show, from Madison Square Garden, highlights some great playing from Bruce Hornsby....and the last GREAT H>S>F that the Dead ever played, in my opinion.

September 19th, 1990

Last but not least, I decided to throw in these two shows from 1974. Although it would be some time before the H>S>F would be completely realized, these shows do offer a glimpse of Slipknot! on its own, and in its infancy.

This show, from June of '74, includes the first full-realized performance of Slipknot!. The first set is typical '74 Dead, but the end of the second set it great. The Truckin'>Eyes>Slipknot!>China Doll>One More Saturday Night makes it all worth it.

June 20th, 1974

July 25, 1974, International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL. What can I say about this show......you just need to listen to it. An unbelievable show from start to finish. Make sure to tune-in for the second set Dark Star>Slipknot!.

July 25th, 1974

"They're not the best at what they do, they're the only ones that do what they do." -Bill Graham


  1. WOW!! What an edition of Zimmer's Picks!! This guy REALLY kows his Dead!! Gotta love it!! I would throw in the H>S>F from 4/12/09. I know, I know....not GD, but the "Dead". I still think it was exceptional, as I saw it go down live and the energy from the coliseum was over the top!!

    Nice work Zimmer!! Keep on bringin it!!


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