Henhouse Prowlers

... Have you ever come across a band that the mere thought of the band itself, not being more popular, boggles your mind? As you stand listening to the music; the people around you, (often times fewer in number than most shows you attend) dance uncontrolably. Smiles from ear to ear, the bar constantly serving beer to people looking over there shoulder in excitement of getting back to "action". From songs you've never heard prior, to great renditions of classic traditionals, song after song has you purely wanting more. For me The Henhouse Prowlers are that band. With tight instrumental exchanges and clean, often family like harmonies resinating through your eardrums, to your heart, to your feet. There is nothing else to do but dance, smile and be happy to be in the presence of good company.

I was first introduced to The Prowlers through a friend of mine who played for a band called The Flatbellys. After bringing up his understaning of our mutual love for bluegrass music; he told me there was a band that I had to check out. I did just that, and man I'm glad I did. It was the first time I saw a bunch of younger bluegrass pickers in a bar wearing full suits. I was blown away by not only the music, but the band's professionalism in addition to their kindness as individuals. Following the show, we spent some time drinking and talking about music... Little did I know that this experience was going to be the first of many I would have with this band.

I was pleasently surprised to see that The Henhouse Prowlers were playing Summer Camp Music Festival, a festival that I was attending in Illinois. Their set was fantastic, and once again had me looking around scratching my head. What would these festival going hippies take with them from this band? Would they tell their friends? Would they seek them out in the future? Lastly, what were they doing playing this tiny little stage in the woods...? The smiles were just as bright as I had seen the last time.

The next time our pathes crossed, they were playing agian at the same bar that I had seen them play prior, however this night would be different, and would lay out the foundation for our friendship. The Circus Bar was packed for this Bluegrass Night and The Prowlers didn't disapoint. Following the show, I stuck around to help with equiptment, with the selfish motivation of convinsing them to play an aftershow in my livingroom. It took little to no convincing what so ever, and the next thing I know; I'm sitting in a van with one of my favorite current bands, giving directions to my place.

We had a blast that night. Homebrews, impromtu jams, great conversation and for me; solid memories.

The more recent show of their in which I attended was at Bell's Brewery. Once again, I was satisfied. Thus sealing the deal for The Henhouse Prowlers being one of my favorite bands. I have and will continue to do everything possible to promote their music, and turn people on to the band that I have come to love.

I say this with complete honesty; they are one of the few bands that deserve a 5 out of 5, for every show that I have seen them play.

Henhouse Prowlers 10.29.08

Henhouse Prowlers 10.16.09


  1. We feel the same way in Galesburg, Illinois. We love their music and their friendship. These guys even had Knox students crowd surfing to Bluegrass. That is an accomplishment. Kudos to the Prowlers, Can't wait to see you New Years Eve @ Budde's Pizza & Good Spirits in Galesburg, IL. This is a great article. thanks, Dianne Budde

  2. We love their music too. Heard them just a few weeks ago. Super nice guys!

  3. I'm working out getting out there on NYE. Additionally; I'm looking to catch them at the Redline. Top notch.

  4. Great read! always like to hear about young guns carrying on the tradition of blazing pickin' thanks for the intro

    will definitely check these fellas out if the oppurtunity ever arises



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