A Great New Resource

Today Jambase shut down "The Official Download Thread"... One of the best resources for heady music I have ever seen and a treasured past time for many community wooks. Hundreds and hundreds of pages of user submissions...

Jambase had this to say:

The Official Download Thread has been deleted.

Although JamBase is not liable for any alleged infringement based on your posting links on this forum to pages on other domains that make copyrighted music available for download, we are terminating this thread at the request of, and as a courtesy to, the artists who produced such material and of whom we are all fans.

Please note that, while JamBase takes no position on whether infringing activity occurred on this thread, we have the right pursuant to our Terms of Use (http://www.jambase.com/About/Terms/) to delete, with or without notice, any content for any reason or no reason. At this time, we determined that JamBase does not wish to host pages that contain links to pages on third party sites that we know to contain downloadable copyrighted music without permission of the copyright owners. The number of such pages in this thread was numerous enough to warrant, in our sole judgment, removal of the entire thread, regardless of whether there were messages that did not contain such links. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

In the future, if you wish to post links from a JamBase-hosted page to external sites that make copyrighted material available for download, we suggest that you make sure you have any necessary permissions. Thank you for your cooperation.


Since the fall of Jambase's Official Download Thread on the evening of Wed. Jan, 13th; a new forum has stepped up to pick up where the good times/sharing left off. Trust me, this will be a solid resource for free heady music. Download, contribute, request shows...


The New Official Download Thread.



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