A Review: Max Creek in Rochester

Friday, January 22nd. Day one of the two night run...

I went into the evening knowing full well that this may not be a show that takes me there... A few weeks ago I was listening to a Max Creek set on the Archive, and it was so bad my girlfriend asked me to turn it off. Then a couple of nights ago I had the thought that maybe I was just listening to an "off" show, so I gave it another whirl... Not good.

Luckly when I showed up at Water Street (after a bottle of wine, in the back seat of a car), with the assistance of my buddy Jason; I was able to wook a free ticket. The crowd was modest and as with most Max Creek shows; older. I found one of the two opening bands to be fairly entertaining, however not entertaining enough to catch their name.

Max Creek's first set was very short and extremely uneventful. Little to no impressive musicianship, the songs were slow and drug on, and the crowd seemed "distracted". After a 45 minute set break, the band re-emerged with less energy than before (if thats possible). They teased some Dead, played "Loser" and closed with what I felt was their first entertaining song/jam of the evening. My party left after that jam, not even sticking around for the encore.

I was offered a couple of free tickets for the following night of the two night run, and didn't even consider the option. Although I enjoyed my evening with good friends, The highlight of the evening was hanging out after the show.

Overall: 1/5



  1. If nothing else, I am honest.

    Enjoy your set tonight, tear it up. It's good exposure and Saturday night is usually the night to attend according to the others I was with. I attended on Saturday last year. Water Street is good times.



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