A Review: moe. Live @ The Brooklyn Bowl

moe. Live at Brooklyn Bowl NYC 2010-01-26

By: Seanpatrick

This was the surprise show after the weekend run at Roseland Ballroom to kick off the 2010 tour. Tickets were only available on a first come, first serve basis at the door. Limited to around 600 in this sparkling new part bowling alley/ part venue/ part restaurant space and successor to the famous Wetlands Preserve.

The crowd was extremely energetic and thrilled to be a part of such a special event. This was definitely a crack team of hardcore moe.rons that scrambled to the venue on a Tuesday night.

The band took the stage looking dapper in suit and tie as they had at Roseland on Saturday night, wasting no time getting immersed in the evening with a dark and evil Tubing The River Styx> The Pit opener. The light rig was minimal on the small-venue stage and this was definitely a back to basics, intimate gathering -- a real coming home type occasion. While some were able to get right up in front of the stage, a few others bowled to the music just a few feet away, adding to the surreality of the event.

The energy between band and crowd never let up once throughout the evening. The entire first set was fire, with Al. leading the way with rocking guitar explorations weaved into extended jams. A stand-alone Wormwood --> 32 Things to close out the first set was definitely a highlight, turning the Brooklyn Bowl into an epic, psychedelic hoe down.

The second set maintained the up-tempo, psy-funk groove energy of the first, taking it even deeper and darker right into the close with a scorching McBain and a technically perfect Brent Black. moe. never fails to keep it fun, and the Take the Skinheads Bowling had people scratching their heads and chucking, but it worked in the moe.ment. Jim was possessed this evening. He usually doesn't call much attention to himself and keeps the beat behind the scenes, but his fully developed xylo solo on McBain was one of the best I have ever heard. The crowd went wild when he took the mic and busted out some tight, tight rapping with a rare Farmer Ben during the extended, two-song encore. Rather than looking to familiar closers, the band dug into the treasure chest and pulled out an Awesome Gary to round out the show.

The boys are starting off the tour and the year right, and Brooklyn Bowl was just the type of treat that keeps people coming back for moe.. "Twenty years, just getting started" is spot on.

Set I
1. -Peter Shapiro Intro-
2. Tubing The River Styx>
3. The Pit>
4. Drums>
5. Spaz Medicine
6. It>
7. Sticks & Stones>
8. Okayalright>
9. Wormwood>
10. 32 Things

Set II
1. -crowd/tuning-
2. The Ghost Of Ralph's Mom
3. Tailspin
4. Take The Skinheads Bowling*
5. Tambourine

Set II (cont.)
1. The Road >
2. Akimbo
3. McBain
4. Brent Black
5. -encore break-

6. Farmer Ben
7: Awesome Gary

Download the show HERE.


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