A Review: The Breakfast

2.5.10 Jerky's, Providence, RI

It was Friday night, I hadn't seen any live music in a few weeks, and what better way to satisfy my appetite then with a hefty two hour portion of The Breakfast. I had not been to this venue before, and upon checking the website The Breakfast were marked as appearing at 10pm. Unbeknowst to me the venue had scheduled two openers and The Breakfast were not set to play until midnight. Normally I would have been annoyed but the place was sporting a couple of pool tables and selling $2 dollar PBR cans... Heaven. The first opening act was mediocre at best, as much so that I cannot recall their name, but they did their job and got the party started. Next up was a local band called Gravity Works, and surpisingly they brought the magic. Starting off pretty safe and low key with a couple of songs and some fiery but contained jamming, they suddenly stepped it up a notch, and sequed out of one of their songs into a absolutely soaring rendition of Frank Zappa's "Peaches in Regalia" After nailing Frank's masterpiece the crowd was fired up and ready to rock, a couple of more top notch orignals and they left the stage, proving that sometimes an opening act can indeed serve justice.

Around this time Jambaser Kemosabe showed, and an epic pre-Breakfast pool battle ensued, with as expected myself coming out as the victor. The man put up a good fight though, and following this battle The Breakfast hit the stage.

I had not seen The Breakfast since 07, so going into this show I was not really sure what to expect. The Breakfast had always been solid in the past, but have gone through numerous lineup changes in recent years, and I was not sure what effect this would have upon the band. After witnessing 2 hours of utter Mayhem, I can saftely say that this is the best incartation of the Breakfast yet.

Opening up with Hard Luck Harry thigns started off slowly but strongly, and within 5 minutes the band foudn their stide and entered into warp speed. A bust out of What The Funk (I was informed has not been played in some time) got the crowd dancing, and The Breakfast were looking like they were not about to slow down anytime soon. Segueing perfectly into gravity we were treated to some spaaaace, before another plentiful dish of Funk. Shotgun Butterfly had Tim absolutely shredding, and an always pleasing Cult of Personality closed out the set. The playing was tight, concise, and funky to a T. I could not have asked for a better show, my only dissapointment being that due to timing, we were only treated to one extended set.

Overall 4.5/5


Hard luck Harry > Inner Glimpse > Hard luck Harry, A Blessing In The Skies, What The Funk > Gravity, Existential Funk, Rush, Shotgun Butterfly, Cult of Personality

encore: The Chase

Review By Brian Croce


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