Sunday, February 21, 2010

Site Announcement!

Today was an exciting day for the site, as I purchased the domain name Additionally I have spiced up the page a little bit with a new layout and a few changes here and there. To stream all of the most recent/highly rated live shows, take advantage of the widget located on the right hand side of the page. We have several reviews on the way, and a bunch of great interviews lined up. Also, spring will mark the return of "Zimmer's Picks: Deadstash", (one of my favorite parts of the site), as well as a couple of new contributors and some new weekly staples.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the site and encourage you to get involved, be it through comments or submissions.

The J-man

Post Script: I just stumbled upon this...

Hydra Live at on April 12, 2005.

Hydra is; Particle w/ Mickey Hart.


  1. Keep up the great work J man! I'm very grateful for all the effort you put in to sharing music, news and experiences. The Headstash's future looks very bright indeed