Jay Lane Quits Furthur, Joins Primus

Source: welcometonow.net

Big news in Deadhead land today: Jay Lane will abandon Furthur after just a short 6 months to re-join Primus (Lane was a founding member). While the news hasn’t been officially announced yet, Phil himself confirmed it on the PhilZone today, stating that:

“Over the past year, both Jill and I have come to know and love Jay for the great guy that he is. At the end of our tour he rode back on Bob’s bus and informed Bob that he had an opportunity to play drums with Primus. He and Bob discussed it, and they decided that the logical time to make the change would be after the birthday show. I only found out about this the day before the show; as their relationship goes back a long way, I told them both then that I support any decision they might make. I will miss Jay’s enthusiasm and ebullience; he’s a great guy to hang and play music with.”

In response to whether or not Lane would be replaced Lesh said that both him and Bob feel it is best to continue on with Joe Russo solo on drums at this time. More to come as this story develops and formal announcements are made.


  1. Even though this is 'bad' news for Furthur, its not like it was Micky or Billy quitting. On the other hand this is GREAT news for Primus. Im looking forward to rolling down the Southbound Pachyderm this summer.


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