Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Review: Henhouse Prowlers

Henhouse Prowlers @ The Circus 3/3/2010

It was Wednesday night in Ann Arbor and that means bluegrass night at the Circus! Nothing like a packed bar, some cheap drinks, and good bluegrass booming from the speakers. I got to the show a little later than I wanted to due to some unexpected hurdles that had to be jumped, but I got there! The place was packed with smiling faces and dancing feet. I showed up near the end of the first set just in time to hear a favorite of mine "Syracuse". Every time I see this band it is reconfirmed for me just how good they are. They are definitely my favorite bluegrass band on the scene and they always deliver.

The band came back on fire for the second set. After an awesome "shadow of a man" they invited their friend and mandolin player "Webster Woolf" onstage for almost the rest of the show. His name is Jay Lapp and he is the mando player for The Steel Wheels. He was a great addition to the band for the night and after the show the Prowlers had nothing but great things to say about The Steel Wheels and Jay. The first tune he played with him was a new one, if I heard correctly it was called "Cumberland Blues". They went on to play "Gravel Yard", "Caroline", and ended the show with a song that The Eagles may have used a note or two from...."Helter Skelter". They nailed it. My friend Bronson had not seen the Prowlers yet and after "Helter Skelter" ended looked and me and just said "that was amazing", and he was right.

Overall it was a great night with great music and as always I can't wait to see them again!

-Jessica Pace

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  1. Awesome review, Jess. Thanks a ton! The first of many, I hope.