Jam Cruise Vault: Jam Room

Jam Cruise Jam Room Live at Shaker Lounge on January 8, 2009.

Artists in order of first appearance:
Brock Butler - guita, vocals
Nick Daniels - bass, keys, vox
Russell Batiste - drums, keys, percussion
Scott Tournet - harmonica, vocals, piano
Trevor Garrod - piano
Jans Ingber - percussion, vocals
Tony Hall - guitar
Adam Deitch - drums
Erick Coomes- bass
Bonerama - horns
Jeff "Mudd" Mahajan - guitar, percussion
Ivan Neville - keys, vocals
Simon Allen - drums
Matt Grondin - guitar, keys
Earl Walker - percussion
Brian Jordan - percussion, guitar
Nick Hughes - percussion
Eric Bolivar - percussion, vocals
Ron Johnson - bass
Margie Perez - vocals
Kevin O'Day - vocals, percussion, drums
Trombone Shorty - drums
Jeff Sipe - drums, percussion
David Veith - piano
Grace Potter - vocals
Matthew Burr - percussion
Bryan Dondero - percussion
Adam Smirnoff - guitar
Adam (Stanton Moore's Drum Tech) - drums


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