Letter From The Editor: A New Idea

Over the past few months of incorporating musician interviews with Musicmarauders, I have had some very candid, open, and insightful conversations. Recently, one such conversation lead me to thinking; what if I created a place where artists could share their perspective? Outside of the bounds of the own self promoting website, and into a more diverse and honest medium.

What if the fans, instead of visiting a musician's blog, could come to one place to find more content-driven, diverse musical perspective from a number of artists?

My hope is that this endeavor will provide a look into the mind of some of your favorite musicians; what it is they think about the scene, first hand accounts of their experiences and whatever it is that they are passionate about.

I hope you enjoy the new addition to the Musicmarauder core; "Artist Perspective".



  1. if you build it, they will come.

    i was thinking of possible interesting interviews...
    Festival organizers, The Mclovins (don't know shit about em but they're on the upward path), Tom Marshall (DO IT)... keep it up man


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