A Review: Soulive @ The Westcott (Syracuse)

I arrived at The Westcott just minutes before Soulive took the stage. With just enough time to brace myself for the killing that would ensue. As the trio, dressed in suits took the stage the crowd was quickly drawn it. The turnout was pretty good, filling about two thirds of The Wescott. Per usual Soulive came out swinging. They are a band who is a consistent as they are talented. After a song or two Alan stated "We're going to do some old school shit right now!" drawing and excited response from the crowd.

After a couple of strong instrumental tunes, Kras leans over and whispers to Alan. Prompting Alan to announce that they will be playing some songs off of their new album. For those who don't know, their newest release is an album of Beatles covers. They played a string of three in a row; "Elenor Rigby" being the highlight. Krasno really stepped it up, mocking the vocal lines, with accurate and jazzy precision.

As the set progress, Nigel took the stage for his usual vocally driven call and response style songs, with Krasno assisting on vocals. Nigel's presence drawing the crowd in close as he dropped down to his knees on the stage, cradling the mic while giving it all he had vocally. They way he and Krasno play off of one and other is quite enjoyable to watch, but they appear to be having a blast as well.

The set was short but sweet, with "instant live" style recordings for those who wanted to have a copy of the show to take home with them. Per usual, Soulive put on a great show. I love catching a high energy band like Soulive at a solid venue like The Westcott Theatre!

Soulive Live at Westcott Theater on April 3, 2010.




  1. I'll agree they are super consistent. After trying different singers they just have really found a groove with Nigel. More than likely because of his piano skills as well as crisp vocals. Nigel was a tremendous part of the bowlive shows. But for me I'm in it for their neo jazz/funk. Arguably one of the most talented groups out there.


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