UMBowl: She Said Yes!

At last night's UMBowl; staff writer Greg Molitor proposed to his girlfriend of five years, Staff photographer Jessica Pace. A text campaign insued prompting Umphreys McGee's Brendan Bayliss to announced "Jesica Pace, someone has something they want to ask you..." She turned around to see Greg on one knee with a ring in hand! I would personally like to extend my most heart felt congratulations to Greg and Jess! You are two of my best friends and a couple of my favorite people in the world. To meet a couple as connected and meant for each other as you two are, is truly inspiring. I wish you many years of happiness and joy...




  1. I have posted a lot of stuff on this site. But, I don't think I have ever been as excited to post an article as I was with this one...



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