Jam of The Day: Everyone Orchestra

Everyone Orchestra Live at Dancin' In The Streets Festival 8.9.2009.

The Orchestra:

Conductor-Matt Butler (Hot Buttered Rum)
Turntables-DJ Logic
Drums-John Morgan Kimock
Percussion-Rob Koritz (DSO)
Electric Guitar-Steve Kimock
Acoustic Guitar-Nat Keefe (Hot Buttered Rum)
Fiddle-Allie Kral (Cornmeal)
Fiddle-Aaron Redner (Hot Buttered Rum)
Bass-Reid Mathis
Bass-Bryan Horne (Hot Buttered Rum)
Keys-Joey Porter (The Motet)
Flute-Erik Yates (Hot Buttered Rum)
Sax-Dominic Lalli (The Motet)
Vocals-Jessica ?
Vocals-Tanya Shylock (Mountains of Venus)


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