Grey Fox Bluegrass 2010: Thursday (Night)

Words & Photos By The J-man

Thursday July 15th, 2010

Cruising down back country roads with the glow of the GPS lighting our faces, my excitement began to build as I saw the first couple of signs directing us towards Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival. We were flagged onto the farm by a few smiling faces in the illumination of my headlights. We parked and wandered over to the media/volunteer/will call tent where we were again greeted by some kind folks. After sorting out the credentials, we were turned loose on the camps. To our surprise, in the dark of the night; the camps seemed packed. Especially for a Thursday. Our first impression was a good one.

We hustled over to the mainstage to find that we had missed our good friends Greensky Bluegrass, though I did get a chance to poke fun at their autograph signing.

"Are you Anders Beck of The Greensky Bluegrass?" I questioned in an excited mocking fashion.

"Only on TV." He said back with a smile.

As my focus shifted to the stage itself, I realized that Donna The Buffalo was up next. This is a band that I have always been curious about, in regards to how they manage to get booked as headliners, or a main stage slot for that matter. It's not until I see their dedicated fans; "The Herd", that I understand the logistics behind the booking, but musically, in my opinion it's unexciting and undeveloped.

As we wandered away from the mainstage to roam the campgrounds, I was overwhelmed by the amount of picking. At one point as I walked down the road we were camped on, and to my delight there were bands picking with large crowds gathered around; every fifty feet or so. As the name of the camp promised, this sure was a "Pickers Paradise."

... I looked forward to what the weekend would bring. Little did I know how absolutely amazing this weekend would truly be...


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