Remembering Rothbury

Rothbury. The name itself is enough to make the hairs on my arm reach for the sky, as a pure result of the thoughts that are conjured in my musically oriented brain. For many, Rothbury was the pinnacle of festivals. An event that offered musical entertainment of the highest caliber as well as a plethora of visually euphoric experiences. In addition the fore-mentioned perks, it's cleanliness was on a level previously unseen by my semi-experienced festival eyes.

This fourth of July weekend marks what would have been the third Rothbury. Please enjoy my photographs from Rothbury 2009, and join me in remembering one of the best festivals in the country; Rothbury.

"Here's to next year..."


"July 3, 2009 was the craziest night of my life..." -J-man

"The 4th of July was spent celebrating our freedom... and exploring the bounds of minds in a solid, liquid and gaseous state..." -J-man

"It was like Christmas in July... Literally." -J-man


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