The Royal Family Ball

Words By Karen Dugan (Tiny Rager)

It was a night New Yorkers and beyond had been waiting for since it was first announced back in July. The Royal Family would be taking over Terminal 5 for a night of pure FUNKY RAGE hosting their 3rd Annual Royal Family Ball. Knowing that The Royal Family is a tight brotherhood that rolls deep with love, we die hard fans knew it would be a special night. A night to remember, a night of complete surprises, a night of of complete funk, of blues, of rock ‘n’ roll. A night requiring us to dance till we drop... simply a night we would NEVER forget.

For months, we have eagerly awaited this night. The Royal Family had enticing little offers before the show such as rewarding the first 100 people to purchase a ticket with an autographed poster of The Royal Family. Man, what a hilarious treat. I, of course, jumped on that offer, buying my ticket at 12:01 pm, right when they went on sale, closing the sale out at 12:03pm. Sadly, I didn’t get a poster but many of my friends did. I will some how rectify this, you can be sure of that!

The importance of this night and the energy behind it hit me the second I woke up Saturday morning. I felt like it was Christmas. As much music as I see, this was a show that had me jumping on my toes. The anticipation was palpable. For weeks before the big night, I had numerous friends from outside NY toy with the idea of coming in for the show. However it was my dear friend Andy who was the only one to make the trip from Baltimore for the day/night.

This was one of those events where traveling would be worth it. My phone had been blowing up all night prior to the show with friends wondering what was going down before the Rage. In the end, we summoned all our favorite Ragers to a “Ragehearsal,” as one of my dear friends has come to so aptly name our rendezvous before the shows. Everyone was eager to make a day of it. A 24-hour rage. The EPICNESS of what tonight might bring to our eyes and ears was lost on no one.

“Royals, you shook me, you shook me all night long. Powerful stuff.” ~ Robert M.

Of all the years I have been an Eric Krasno junkie, I have never been part of such a complete day and night full of The Royal Family. And the best part about it... there were guests. Oh yes, there were guests. Tonight’s rage would include performances by:

The Royal Family:

The Nigel Hall Band
Chapter 2
The Shady Horns

Special Guests:

John Scofield – Guitar
Warren Haynes – Guitar
Talib Kweli – Rapper
Big Sam Williams – Trombone
The Shady Horns
Maurice Brown – Trumpet
Christian Scott – Trumpet

Spinning between sets: DJ Equal

Terminal 5 doors opened at 6:30pm and we were all in the building by 7:30pm, not wanting to miss a single minute of the show. The venue was far from packed but by the end of the night, the 3,000-person venue was packed in on all sides. It was a night filled to the brim with the EPITOME of Funk, Soul, Blues, Rock, Hip-Hop and more. They play it all ladies and gentleman. And it all began, as it almost always does, with a set from The Nigel Hall Band. Let’s get this Royal Party started...

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