Weekly Jazz: Miles Davis

Miles Davis at The Fillmore East March 9, 2010. <--- Listen/Download show here.

Words By J-man

This is one of four nights at the famous Fillmore East in New York City. I chose this show because I figured that most folks were at least familiar with the name "Miles Davis". This show pushes the bounds of "comfortable listening" and may not be easily digested by casual listeners or folks who are not all that familiar with jazz. What I dug about this show was it's fluid exploration of the music. It's intense, emotion-filled, grooving, space. For me, it doesn't get much better.

This show happened at a time when established Saxophonist Wayne Shorter had left the band, leaving a young Steve Grossman to enter. With the combination of both Chick Corea and Keith Jarret on keys, it was literally a recipe for space.In my opinion, literally two of the greatest pianists from the jazz scene. Dave Holland tore it up on a calculated, aggressive bass. With Airto Moreira on percussion and Jack DeJohnette on drums, absolute destruction was unavoidable.

Of course, this show features the legend himself; Miles Davis. At a time where reviews and criticism for "Bitches Brew" were boiling, you could hear the emotion and intensity in Miles' epic style. It's true, raw, beautiful... emotion.

I hope you enjoy this show, and we hope you enjoy this new addition to MusicMarauders.



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