World Music Monday: Shakti

Words By J-man
Pick By Zach Zeidner

Shakti is arguably one of the most unique and talented projects the world music scene has birthed. Pulling their influences and sound from a mix of Indian music and jazz, Shakti blows minds with it's shear talent. John McLaughlin clearly displays some of the best acoustic guitar music that many/most have ever heard. He tears through the scales/modes with effortless precision. Another clear stand out of this project is Tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain, who's touch of the drum head produces complex rhythms that will move the listener to the edge of their seat. Along with the Indian violin player L. Shankar, it also included Ramnad Raghavan on the Mridangam and T. H. "Vikku" Vinayakram on the Ghatam. We hope you enjoy this truly amazing group of musicians.

Click here to listen to a Portion of a Shakti show from the Archive.


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