Monday World Beat: Toubab Krewe

Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Toubab Krewe has been impressing audiences with stunning performances since its inception in 2005. The band combines traditional music and instrumentation from Mali (West Africa) and a multitude of American musical genres to create a unique, vibrant sound that is powerful yet delicate in nature. When watching a Toubab Krewe performance, one can easily tell how seriously the band takes its craft; in fact, the band has made several trips to Mali since 2005 in order to practice West African music with local musicians. Toubab Krewe’s steadily-rising popularity across the United States and beyond is a testament to its ability to deliver consistently energetic and heartfelt performances without ever diluting the spirit of its music.

Here is a recording of a stellar Toubab Krewe show from October 22nd, 2009, at the Flamingo Cantina in Austin, Texas. Notice the band’s solid interplay among all five members during its performance; the ability by its members to listen to one another, an element that is undeniably present in all great roots-influenced music, is perhaps Toubab Krewe’s most valuable collective strength. Enjoy!

Toubab Krewe Live at Flamingo Cantina on October 22, 2009. <--- Direct Archive Link.


Teal Brown - drum set
Drew Heller - electric guitar and soku
Justin Perkins - kora, kamelengoni, and electric guitar
David Pransky - electric bass guitar
Luke Quaranta - percussion


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