Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pop Rewind: The Beach Boys

Words By Greg Molitor

Although it hasn’t always been a smooth ride for the band members, believe it or not, 2011 will mark the 50th anniversary of the iconic surf-rockers, The Beach Boys. Their storied history, as tumultuous as it has been successful, has led them to better places in the 21st century, rumors are reporting its five surviving members (Brian Wilson, David Marks, Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine, Mike Love) are planning at least one reunion show plus a possible tour in 2011 to commemorate the group’s fifty years together!

To honor the band’s longevity, we’re diggin’ deep into the archive, all the way back to 1967! This late-sixties rehearsal from The Beach Boy’s provides an interesting point-of-view as the band practices a wide range of previously recorded tunes for its upcoming performances. Enjoy!

BeachBoys-Rehearsal 1967 <--- Direct Archive Link

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  1. Pet Sounds is one of the greatest albums ever, long live the Beach boys!