Sunday Bluegrass: Greensky Bluegrass

Words By J-man

There is something about Greensky that I have always enjoyed. It could be the melodies, or the combination of traditional songs with a jam approach. It's been exciting to watch GSBG not only step outside of Michigan, but tour all over the country. More and more festivals are seeking this soon to be staple on the scene. Their sets are often littered with train songs, gospel tunes, and Dead jams; so I thought "Who better for our Sunday Bluegrass than Greensky?"

Greensky Bluegrass Live at Fox Theatre on October 13, 2010.

Set 1:

1. Cryin Holy Unto The Lord
2. Old Barns
3. Broke Mountain Breakdow-> Tied Down
4. Loose My Way
5. Just To Lie-> Train Junkie
6. Tuesday Letter
7. Light Up Or LEave Me Alone (Traffic)

Set 2:

1. Bringing In The Georgia Mail
2. No Idea
3. King Of The Hill
4. ?(Snow Keeps Falling Down)?
5. Last Winter In Copper Country
6. Airmail Special
7. Falling Out (Ween)
8. Little Maggie
9. crowd
11.Climbing Up A Mountain


  1. I totally agree, J-Man. I've always been a fan of great bluegrass (from my Kentucky Grandparents), but when we met these guys 5-6 years ago - well, it's kind of been all over for us.

    Greensky Bluegrass will hook you, and you won't even realize it. It's a great ride!!

  2. Greensky brings it consistently...



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