Thursday Jazz: Keith Jarrett

Words & Pick By J-man

Keith Jarret 2.5.1975 Theatre Des Champes Elysees, Paris France. <--- Direct Jazzfusion Link.

Keith Jarret is a classical & jazz pianist/composer who has played with some of the most respected names in jazz music. Keith got his start with Art Blakey and eventually played with Miles Davis. Keith really made a name for himself with the Miles Davis Group, playing the electric organ. As the years passed, his dislike for amplified tones/instrumentation grew, but he stuck with the group out of his respect for Miles and his desire to play with Jack Dejohnette.

That being said, I selected a solo performance to highlight his true passion of solo, mainly improvised, piano works. This show from February of 1975 was a crucial period in Keith's life as it was just four years after embarking on his solo work and one year prior to his second of many solo albums.

Jarrett has commented that his best performances have been when he has had only the slightest notion of what he was going to play at the next moment...

Enjoy this beautiful work of true vision, or lack their of...?


  1. I've always thought of Keith Jarret's music as the soundtrack of my dreams. I've been a lifelong fan and I can say with certainty that his Koln Concert live recording helped me to survived the hard times of my life and spun me to lovely heights on lazy summer days.

    I have newfound love for Music Marauders for including him and hopefully introducing him to new fans. I'm a jam band junkie with true love to Jarret. Dig him, y'all. You won't be disappointed.
    Soul Candy

  2. Awesome! We love Keith Jarrett... Check back with us every Thursday for more solid jazz links.



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