Kyle Hollingsworth Band w/ DJ Logic 12.10.10

Words & Photos By J-man

Kyle Hollingsworth Band Live at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom on December 10, 2010. <--- Direct Archive Link

When someone says the name "Kyle Hollingsworth", most think of the String Cheese Incident. For ten plus years, Kyle has played with SCI, making a name for himself through his prominent, forward-moving organ styling. That night at Cervantes' we were graced with the presence of something different; the Kyle Hollingsworth Band. Kyle's ability to slide into unique situations (musically) and flourish seemed noticeably on a level with the man located on the opposite end of the stage... DJ Logic.

We arrived at Cervantes' as the opening band was wrapping up. Things were already picking up as the stage transformation took place leading into the main sets. The air smelled sweeter and sweeter. I glanced around and realized that it was open game. This is a venue that respects it patrons and the lax laws of Denver, CO... For that, I appreciate Cervantes'. The energy was high.

With the beginning of the set, came some groovin', well explored jams. I was much more impressed with what I heard in the first jam than I had been with previous Kyle Hollingsworth Band shows. The sound, approach and overall compositions of the songs came across as tighter and more energetic. The band was was clearly into it. Kyle was mouthing the notes as he played, Lisa Oxnard was dancing with fury in between vocal phrasings and DJ Logic smiled. Logic rarely shows emotion or excitement, so his smile lead me to believe he was having a blast.

As I listened, I realized that this project dove deeper into music talent than I had anticipated. Garret Sayers absolutely destroyed the bass. His jazzy and fluid playing was mesmerizing and helped make the project. My favorite point of the evening came when Garret and Logic were on stage alone. Garret's bass playing doubled as rhythm and melody as Logic scratched over. The sound that was created between the two of them drew me in. It was an almost electronic sounding groove with spacey overtones. I smiled with excitement, and began dancing.

The set included a handful of String Cheese Incident songs, some spacey tunes and even a cover of "Staying Alive". What I appreciated about the covers, was the band's ability to nail the notation and tones; while still making the song their own through improvised sections as well as segues in and out of other songs. The incorporation and intertwining of Logic's beats and the raw drumming of Dave Watts, made the show really danceable. There were times were I was lost in the beats and grooves, I began to space.

The sound was perfect, the lights were intense, colorful and vibrant, and the evening was a blast. Kyle and Logic throw one hell of a dance party. Cervantes' was packed and the vibes were amazing. Since that night at Cervantes', I have been seeking out additional Kyle Hollingsworth Band recordings... And as always, if you ever get a chance to see Logic, take it.

J-man's Complete Photo Gallery From The Show.


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