Remembering John Lennon - (10.9.1940- 12.8.1980)

Words By Greg Molitor

December 8th, 2010, marks the 30th anniversary of the event that turned the music world upside down. The senseless and tragic killing of John Lennon, as mindboggling as it remains to be today, offers us a chance each year to remember his genius for not only his offerings to the music world, but in the political spectrum as well. As an outspoken political activist, Lennon helped many find their own voice during a time when the world seemed chaotic and helpless to the cries of the many that truly cared about peace and love.

Musically, there will never be another John Lennon... he was simply one of the greatest-of-all-time, a character and songwriter that has undoubtedly effected and will continue to effect modern musicality for as long as music remains listenable. Please join us in the celebration of the life and dreams of a man who, after his passing, has become synonymous with counterculture ideals and whose image has become larger than the life he lived. Ladies and gentleman, we present to you, John Lennon.


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