Sunday Bluegrass: Larry Keel

Words By J-man

Today's "Sunday Bluegrass" features one of my favorite flatpickers on the scene; Mr. Larry Keel. His ability to pick through bluegrass/folk classics mixed with wonderfully written originals captivates and offers insight to one of the scene's more respected guitar-slingers. Give this show from May of 2006 a listen and familiarize yourself with the Keels. You won't be disappointed...

Larry Keel Live at The Neighborhood Theatre on May 27, 2006. <---Direct Archive Link

Set One:

Kissimmee Kid
Tomb of Love
Me and My Uncle
Try Me
Border Ride
The Harder they Come
Hell Broke Loose
Weary Heart
Teach's Wrath>
Aquarium Fescue
The Snake>
new instrumental*
I Never Love Nobody
Cincinatti Rag

Set Two:

First Day in Town
Man Gave Names to the Animals
3 Little Birds
Corn Liquor
Stone Walls
The Water's So Cold
Swarming Bees
High Dad in the Morning
E: God Moves on the Water>
E: Mountain Song


  1. Can you get your hands on the Jeff Austin w/ the Keels recording at Hangout back in April?

    Tony from Pensacola

  2. I checked the Archive and BT torrent, no luck. Was there a taper present?


  3. You know, I really have no clue at this point. It was a damn good show though that is for sure.

    Tony from Pensacola


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