Thursday Jazz: DJ Logic's Trios

Words By J-man

My initial reaction to seeing this recording posted on the Archive was "Sweet... baby... Jesus." I love what DJ Logic does, this is no secret. His ability to pull together talent of the highest caliber along with his ability, like a chameleon; to fit into any scene thrills me.

Now, I have seen a lot of Logic's projects, but this one ranks among the highest. This show, dubbed "Logic's Trios" features; Christian McBride, Kareem Riggins, Charlie Hunter, Billy Martin, John Medeski, Mike Gordon, Michael Kang & Rob Wasserman. Need I say more?

I really dig the format of multiple trios within' a single show. It's innovative unique and inevitably, mind blowing.


DJ Logic Live at New York City, NY @ The Knitting Factory on February 7, 2002. <---Direct Archive Link

Trio One: DJ Logic, Christian McBride & Kareem Riggins

Trio Two: DJ Logic, Charlie Hunter & Billy Martin

Trio Three: DJ Logic, Mike Gordon & John Medeski

Trio Four: DJ Logic, Kang & Rob Wasserman


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