Thursday Jazz: MMW w/ Maceo Parker

Words By J-man

Every once in a while a band comes along in jazz that is so destructive... So terrifying... So innovative, that it captures not only the attention of desiring fans and music lovers; but legends as well. This show from the fallen Vegoose Festival in Las Vegas on October 28th, 2006 features Medeski, Martin & Wood with special guest Maceo Parker on the saxophone!

The show explores some really upbeat/groovin' songs from MMW's catalog. The addition of Maceo and his fluid fit into the project, elevates the potential of complete destruction to an almost unimaginable level.

Enjoy, but listen with caution. Also, remove all young children and faint-hearted from the room before commencing with listening.

Medeski, Martin & Wood w/ Maceo Parker at Vegoose Festival, Las Vegas, 10.28.2006. <---Direct Link

1. New Planet (No Maceo)
2. The Lover
3. Pappy Check
4. Uptown Up
5. Think
6. Legalize It
7. Quick Step
8. Chubb Sub


  1. Thanks for posting this J-man, you are always on top of your game! Next year MMW w/ Scofield at Bear Creek!

    Tony from Pensacola

  2. Tony,

    I saw that. Bear Creek's initial line-up looks great! I'll be doing a few night run w/ MMW in early March! Shooting for interviews, etc...


  3. Very nice! Thats a helluva a gig to land! Im looking forward to catching some of the upcoming run. Me and my lady have to bust a move to ATL in March though. Gotta get a change of scene.

    Tony from Pensacola


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